Sunday, September 28, 2008

Once upon a time there lived....

Rachel is creative and a lot of fun to listen to. She makes stories and drawings and has lots of friends.
Right now she is in soccer and loves having her dad as the coach. They have won a few games and lost a few. She has a report on Utah coming up and is making a brochure about all the fun places you can play in the state. Skiing, dinosaur bone hunts, rafting, house boating, ATV riding, hiking and watching Bonneville salt flat races. She'll probably add a few pictures of herself riding 4 wheeler at Laura's house and playing at Grandma's house. Interestingly I always thought California was the place to play - beaches, Disneyland, San Diego zoo, climbing over cliffs, reunions, body surfing......

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Michael is marching and first he was on the bass drum while they were being judged for street marching...

Then he ended up on the snare drum while being judged in the percussion line.

It has been very interesting watching the new kid do his thing

When he is done the next kid will come along! Will she go on to band also?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Life is changing again. This time instead of emptying nest syndrome that I've been experiencing more and more, it is now political life. Jeffrey is gone almost every night meeting people, figuring out what they want/need, going to meetings about issues, or planning and figuring out what comes next in his campaign. Without the help of his good friends there would be nothing. They are amazing, smart, and have lots of ideas and ambition. I'm glad there are those who run for an office, it is much simpler to complain about how another person is doing the job. There is absolutely no way I would put myself out on the line like that, I much prefer helping out on the sidelines or in the back. So I admire and respect Jeffrey for following his convictions and riding the bumps and bruises that come with putting yourself out on the front page. Kinda like running first in a military charge. I'll keep you posted on how the battle goes.