Monday, November 24, 2008

Pavlo's Dog

There is something to be said about our brains that perceive lights, sounds, or smells that can take hold and cause us to act. Being a mom silence can mean terrible things could be happening, while a certain pitch in two children arguing can have us moving just as fast. But the light that makes my adrenaline soar is the 'service engine soon' light on the dashboard. It will send me into a frenzy. My family thinks I'm overreacting. They have never spent 4 hours each way on trips to and from Utah stuck in gas stations in Sparks or Wendover with children in the car waiting for mechanics or tow trucks. They haven't been in the car when it stops on the highway. They haven't pulled into a bank then have the motor die. Of course they didn't grow up with a dad and brothers who could fix anything and didn't mind cars they could coax home - which left the rest of us stranded when we went out. I really think I'm being responsible not to set foot into a vechicle which may or may not get me home again... ok the light went out maybe I'm safe for one more day - and maybe not.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Last night Jeffrey and Michael had gone to a meeting at the stake house after Rachel, Michael and I had gone ding dong ditching with chocolate chip and mint cookies. Rachel wanted to play a board game and we ended up playing 2 man Clue! The game goes much faster than normal and if I'd been able to get back to the ballroom I would have won the first time! Next time I'm going to drag her to the study so I can win in the dining room. Ahh Sunday evenings....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunrise Sunset, Quickly

I unloaded a facebook picture of Matt and partner - so I conclude he is still dancing. Looks like fun!

I found this one on facebook of Jennie and Rebekah - good looking girls.

I couldn't find any current pictures of Nate - so I'll have to get one at Thanksgiving and get caught up on what's going on in their lives. It feels so odd to not be aware of them 24 hours a day. I remember as a young mother waking up from falling asleep for a few minutes trying to figure out where everyone was. Being conscious of your children's safety and well-being isn't an instinct that shuts off quickly, but I've realized lately I'm not counting to 6 anymore with quick rundowns going on in my mind. Weird. Now the only baby I listen for is a dog.

Andrew's District

I received Andrew's pictures and put them all on a disc. I couldn't help seeing the legendary picture among them and knew of course you would want to see it! I'm guessing this is his district.

Hey how did they get this light saber to work? It is actually light - or is it reflection? Trust the elders to figure it out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My life is wrapping around this baby

It is amazing how such a small puppy can bring so much joy and so much work. She is testing her new teeth out on everything within reach and still piddles anywhere. Shelia is smart and now only poops outside - I know I know just what you wanted to hear about - not. No fantastic tricks except getting the entire house up at 5 in the morning. Her howls are kinda cute and we are starting to figure out a little dog speak. My motive of helping the kids learn responsibility may be noble in thought but sure is making my days busy. And I have to admit my floors have never been cleaned so often since Rachel was a baby. Shelia had the entire house until I blocked off the carpets, and then she promptly got a dog pen for a much smaller portion of my wood floor and now I'm scheduled to get a kitty crate. Hopefully her area will get bigger as her education improves. It sure feels like I'm the one relearning responsibility, I'm wondering just what or if my kids are learning anything.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008 Election Day

I'm glad today is here and it can be yesterday. The prop 8 pros and cons have been everywhere today and last night. Rain and shine has seen both sides. When asked Jeffrey said he can't lose either way. If he wins he'll try to make a difference and if he loses there is 20 more hours a week he can use. We're getting ready for Thanksgiving and hope to see the family soon. Andrew seems to be doing well and Rebekah, Nate and Matthew haven't said anything was bad. I got a puppy pen as I am not going to wash all of my floors every day. Rachel is coming with a friend from school and they can't wait to play with the puppy - how am I going to get school work done?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Joy in our home!

Shelia - a black lab puppy has just come to live with us and Michael is overjoyed that he finally has a dog of his own. The mother didn't want to nurse her pups any more and the puppies are about 5 weeks old, so she doesn't eat very much and sleeps most of the time - well so far - we haven't had her for a night yet.

There is something very pleasant about having a baby in the house. Probably a few weeks in I'll be telling you the cons of dog ownership, but today is very nice.