Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Business Trips with Susy

There really is nothing better than getting a call from Susy asking if you want to come on a trip when she is doing business with Whirlpool. She meets with reps and sales people and does whatever and then..........Susy and Laura pick me up at the airport to go play on the Oregon beach!

the drive is interesting and different every mile

because there is lots of water, vegetation, and views.

We stopped at a roadside market to get Marion berries! Yum!

And then we explore the little town of Seaside and go shopping in a little Mall that has all kinds of stores... like candy store, souvenirs, old fashioned photos.... and more!

people are driving around in really fun transportation and double bicycles etc.

And then we visit Canon Beach - just as beautiful as all the postcards

And look at the lighthouse that was so costly in early years

Then relax and spend the afternoon on the beach

That night we go back out to the beach to light a fire and make some som'mores.......

This picture was at night yet when I used a night setting I was trying to figure out why there was soooo much light?!

And while we had fire -see I can prove it!-

It didn't really say lit very long and kept going out...

because the fog was rolling in and damping everything.
So we enjoyed everyone else's fires who probably used a better starter and torch

The next morning was foggy and nice so we went to the beach again

and wandered out to the waves

along with everyone else looking for shells and adventure...

Everywhere you go their are baskets of flowers and lots of wild flowers growing everywhere, I don't know if it is foggy and gray all the time, but it certainly is colorful and beautiful in the summer.

If you ever find your self in Seaside, Oregon you just have to visit this shop and ask for crab cakes! The clam chowder is fantastic! We even ordered the razor clams which is a specialty of theirs, but by then we were so full they were way rich.

These two guys run the place and they are very good!

Then it was back to the crossing freeways and hustle of Portland to the airport. Did you know you can see Mt. Saint Helen's as you come up to the airport? My pictures came out like clouds instead of the mountain.

Ahh, a great trip with really great sisters!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Images of likeable, loveable Lanette and lullaby

Greeting everyone

Moving from task to task

Waiting for hikers

Giving foot massages

Teaching songs with games

And more songs and games

Talking about delicate subjects

Singing with girls

Welcoming leaders and girls back from their hikes

Handing out Otter Pops to hot travelers

Lining up

Passing out candy at fireside

Then every night she would sing us this lullaby -