Monday, November 30, 2009

I love the Holiday Season - Thanksgiving is the begining!

I loved this Thanksgiving. Holidays can be warm and happy or sad and lonely. This was a really good week for me.
We have a tradition that everyone helps out with the meal so mom isn't stuck in the kitchen while the rest of the family is out having fun. This is Jeff laughing because five pies he ordered and bought are on the sideboard and he can do whatever he wants!
Nathan made Amanda's mom's rolls, Rachel made her traditional cranberry sauce, she learned how in school and then has made it every year since! Rebekah presided over the potatoes, Matthew made some yummy yams (no idea where he got that recipe) and Michael decided on the drinks and then got to clean up. So that left me with just the turkey (which got done 2 hours earlier than expected) and some vegetables.

The family all together!
I never did find out what the joke was, but it was so nice to have everyone back again sharing new life stories,playing games, watching movies, and showing new dance moves.

Thanksgiving Football - Sheila played both teams defense and even caught and carried away the football on one memorable play. It was a great day.

On Saturday the girls went to Boardwalk on a sunny, warm day and really enjoyed the beach!

Ahh life is grand!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Susy's here again!

Two visits in two months! I go for a wedding and she comes here for work, lucky, lucky me!

And work was the name of the game. After picking her up from the airport we hit a few stores to pick up supplies then dropped off her luggage and headed over to the Nausin's to finish up some Christmas gifts. The Nausin's had been working hard and had them practically all sawed and drilled when we got there.

Dana cut lots and lots of wood into smaller piles of wood and drilled holes too -

So then it was painting and painting. We put the Princess Bride on the computer, pulled the table over and went to work. Laughing, quoting our favorite parts and painting,

Lots and lots of painting,

Till it was all done.

And Susy did "Last Years Snowmen" too! I came home from a date with Jeffrey to find that project all done! It sure is great to have Susy in town. Too bad she actually goes to work tomorrow, we could have fun playing now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday Picnic

We were invited to a picnic -but the hosts didn't show up! So following another family to this nice wooded spot we made some new friends with others that we knew.

The boys showed us a fort under a tree they found.

The girls were so welcoming!

And everyone was very friendly

So next time we'll plan ahead to

eat lunch after stake conference with our new friends!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lifting Burdens

Lifting Burdens

Remembering Kevin Glen Farnsworth

A Good friend of Jeffrey's

Jeffrey's friend growing up (and only 6 months younger) died last Tuesday night after battling a brain tumor and was buried yesterday. Contemplation of our allotted time in life has been on my mind and just what am I doing with the blessings and privileges in the time that I've been given.

Watching his sons

doing their part

and his daughters mourn was really difficult.

He leaves a beautiful, young widow.

Give your spouse a hug today.

Enjoy the antics of your children.

Life is good.