Sunday, September 16, 2012 or curse?

Silence in the House

No one practicing the piano, no one bouncing basketballs, no one dropping a pack and books and pulling things out of the fridge.  Just one very active girl who has been gone most days and most night in her freshmen year of high school, then holing up in her room to get ready for the next day.  Even Rebekah moved out this Saturday. There have been things I've been waiting to do - and now I have the time and room. But....... I miss the commotion.  Jeffrey and I looked at each other one night and just laughed.  It was great.  But when he is busy, I just have to remember how much I wanted to catch up! I guess I need a list of what all it was I'm looking forward to catching up on........
Maybe I could get someone over to practice the piano.