Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cogs Make Life Happen

Recently, I was asked what I do. It was difficult to give a quick significant answer. My first thought is what my children are doing. I'm not a CEO,  I haven't dicovered anything new, I haven't written a book, I'm not a star, I haven't solved any world problem. I'm very happy with life. Thinking about it.......
Why is it that two hours after I always have a perfect reply?
The truth is, I'm a cog.  I cause things to happen, and usually for the better.  I'm a great support to others and can make their project better, or more efficient, or just give moral support.
For instance when my friend Laura has a wedding or event to cater for, I help haul in the supplies and run around with her while she is shopping. She and I are a great team while rolling out rolls, breading chicken, cutting up strawberries, and chopping up lettuce.  Yes, Laura could do it all herself, she is talented and very good at what she does.  I just make it faster and hopefully more fun during the process.
When my children have reports, I gather materials - poster board, pens, colored paper, makers and stand ready to type up what is needed. They can do the homework work themselves.  I make a great counselor, secretary and gofer.  I actually like being a support and help to others. I don't like being on the hot seat where the buck stops. I really don't like being in the spotlight or up front.
Being a scoutmaster, the den leaders presented the awards to the boys and called out the flag ceremony.  I merely welcomed everyone to the meeting and then the den leaders took over. My job was to set up all the details. Meeting places like airports, parks, hiking trails, or the church for blue and gold dinners, then picking up awards and making sure prayers, food, and cars were assigned. I kept track of the charts, numbers and who needed what.  I felt a sense of accomplishment though I'm not sure if the boys knew I was anything other than a mom who was there.
I liked being the secretary at Girls Camp. Setting up, collecting papers, calling to remind people of what they needed to bring - I'm in my element.
I guess that is why being a mom is so fun for me.  I just enable my kids to do what they like to do and encourage them to be better.  They have to do the hard work of deciding what it is they want to accomplish and working for it. I'm here to run them around, collect stuff, listen to their triumphs and defeats, and plan ways of making them successful.
Cogs make clock hands turn, fans whirl, wheels rotate, gizmo's perform, life run.  I'm a cog in helping things happen and I'm efficient at what I do, and being a facilitator usually makes me happy. The flip side is being a witness, waiting, setting up things that fall apart, watching efforts come to nought, and helping endeavors in vain.  But more often I quietly sit back and enjoy watching the show.