Sunday, December 9, 2012

I've got to get one of those counter gadgets!

Nate and Kelsi have lifted the no talking ban.

I'm going to be a NONA!!!!!

So the details are Kelsi is due on June 5 more or less as any expectant mother knows.  The sad part is she is soooo sick.  She is teeny to begin with and I just hope once she hits the 3 month mark that she will start feeling better.

These are last years pictures - I'll post new after they arrive this year!
Now this is where my heart is full of blessings. A continuation of life.  I've thought a lot about the fact that the genes running through bodies today are thousands and thousands of years old.  We marvel at buildings that are still around since the middle ages, or stones and trees known to exist in Christ's day.  But the marvelous fact is that the bodies running around the planet are a part of something that existed longer than that. Amazing.  Life is really a miracle. A baby to hold. A child to lavish love on. Hopes that my children are healthy and happy.  Joy they are moving on to a new step. Watching them have the joy I've felt and the knowledge that they will be happy (and stressed) as we were. Life goes on. Life is good.