Sunday, July 14, 2013

IT's The Men's Year

Half way through the 2013 year and already the men in the Adams family have all had life changing events in their lives. 
 Michael started it all out in March by leaving to the  Texas Houston South Mission in March.

Elder Adams with the President and his wife
I received a picture from Rosemarie Maw of Sugar Land Texas of Michael and his current companions when they came for dinner, and she assured me they were doing well and Michael was working hard.
Elder Simper, Elder Schwemmer, and Elder Adams

Then his brother Andrew graduated from BYU.  He called to tell us early on that he wasn't walking for his diploma and I said well...ok.  Then a week later he tells us that he is walking because the lady he taught on his mission wanted to watch him graduate and then come to the Temple with her the next day.  I rushed over to Utah to watch him walk across the stage and receive his Bachelor's degree. Katherine and I had a great time that day.  Then what joy came in going with Katherine to the Provo Temple.  The two Elders who were instrumental in her joining the church, Andrew who tracted her at her door and then the following Elder (sorry I've forgotten his name) who baptized her both came to be with her that day. The other Elder has a wife and two children. His wife and I did the work for his grandmothers and the men did the work for her Grandfathers.  So they all received their endowments from the Lord the same day!

Katherine and the new graduate

Elder...(I'll find his name), Katherine, and Andrew

In May it was Jeffrey their dad's turn.  Jeffrey called his mom and said, "Remember when I asked you to come for a weekend and was made a Bishop? Could you come again?"  When Rebekah, Rachel, my mother-in-law and I went the Stake Priesthood meeting we all heard the congregation sustain him as the Patriarch of the Stake. Life changing is how this works.

I, Beverly, Jeffrey, Rachel, and Rebekah
Matthew gave us a call and said he was going to marry Debbie Henderson on August 24th.  What a really wonderful girl!  She got back in February from a Spanish speaking mission in Minnesota. She grew up in Hercules and is now at BYU.   Taking two separate lives and finding the direction and purpose to be together as one unit.

Ah, in June Nate and Kelsi changed their lives forever by having Jayson Ammon Adams born to them. He is a really precious bundle of love and joy. Jeffrey, Rachel and I flew out to be with them the first of July, Andrew came up from Richmond, Virginia and the Bettridges came from Alaska to all be there for his baby blessing.

Bottom row: Sarah (Kelsi's sister-in-law) with her 3 children Libby, Aimae, Alma and Danna Kelsi's sister
on the back row: Jeffrey, I, Rachel, Andrew, Kelsi, Jayson, Nate, Dani, and Keith
all on the steps to their apartment

New family- Kelsi, Jayson, and Nate

The year is half over, what will the next half bring...................?

Guess what I did for my birthday?!!!!!

Nona with Jayson Ammon Adams
I met my first (and only) grandson and held him almost the entire day when his mom didn't need him.  Ah what a wonderful bundle of joy. The neatest trick is after he has been fed and burped if you hold him about 12 inches away from your face he will concentrate looking at you intently and then give a heart mealting smile - with two dimples!  Ah bliss, there is nothing like holding a little angel from heaven.