Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rear View Mirror

Sometimes you really shouldn't look back.  It is irresistible though.
Rachel and I came out of the shopping center parking lot off of Kirker Pass I noted an oncoming motorcycle headlight in the left as I checked traffic to merge onto the three lane road. Just before twilight that dangerous time of day when it isn't night and it isn't day and the sunset is in your eyes. I eased out after a couple of cars while the motorcycle was still coming, and checked again in the rear view mirror as I didn't want to side swipe him....ok, he was about 5 car lengths back. My foot went on the brake as I watched in horror as he slid on the road like a soccer player going down for a slide tackle...... something bounced and his bike rolled another way. There was an old gold pickup somewhere in the mix turning left.  I realized I was not yet on the road, it was ok to leave Rachel in the car at the end of the merging lane and I raced back almost incoherently talking on the phone to the 911 operator. I hadn't really witnessed what happened, though the motorcyclist did get up and walk to the side of the road. I think I was shaking all the way home.  I still don't know what really happened. Then a few days later I was coming home late at night after a concert show of Rachel's and noticed a little white dog sitting with his legs bent in the oncoming lane....and knew with sickening dread that the car coming from the opposite direction couldn't see it......I noted a car with the interior lights on and doors open in the, no.
Looking in the rear view mirror I watched the dog's body bounce and roll in the taillights. Knowing is not always a good thing.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Support from on High

So here's the long story (skip ahead for the short story), I send up a plea for help in September. There is not enough will power in my entire body to reach my goals, so I ask for heaven's help. During Halloween trick-or-treating I told the others in the house they were in charge of the treat giving and made sure the treats were not bought until the day before. I made a promise to Lanette Hopkins that I won't eat sugar that day. Everything that day worked out beautifully. The next day however there were candy snacks left over. As I walked by several times the temptation was magnetizing. It was interesting that one time when my hand drifted by a "little" piece, I heard a distinct "NO" in my head and noted it was my voice just as I would tell my children when I really meant it. Rachel and Jeffrey made them disappear when they got home. Crisis averted. Thanksgiving was fantastic.  Everything went according to plan and the day was peaceful, fun, and fulfilling. I got hung up twice on Saturday with left-over chocolate cream pie but repented on Sunday. In December I asked my friends not to drop sugar treats by as gifts and sent word around to acquaintances. I have such good friends!!

The short story: Last Sunday afternoon Lindsay Bradburn gave me a treat of salsa that she made from tomatoes and peppers she had grown in her own garden along with a bag of chips. Now that was nice! That night our neighbors with two very darling red head girls dropped by with a big package of treats that they had made, and talked with me for a bit. Such nice neighbors, well Rachel was standing beside me when I opened it and yes it was filled to the brim with many lovely temptations. I walked away and picked up Lindsay's salsa with chips. When I came back later, Rachel had whisked the temptations away and I felt doubly blessed to have the tender mercies of the Lord expressed in the love of my friend for sharing at the time she did and daughter who was right there when I needed uplift. Multiple coincidences are the Lord's divine agency one instance at a time.