Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jonah-ing - Sinigang Soup

With some kind of ham, salt, small red onions, and tomatoes that have been cut and crushed, boil gently for 20 to 45 minutes. Time is relative because I was learning to make lumpia again. The first time was with Laura Nausin and now it is with Aunt Divine.
Sinigang Soup is a dish all over the Philippines with slight differences in each regions recipes. I liked Aunt Divine's though I don't know which region she learned hers in.

45 minutes later

After letting it all simmer until the meat is tender, wash, cut up and prepare the vegetables and squeeze the limes.

These are called yardlong beans, after they are snapped off at 2 inch intervals they look just like string beans - nicer as you only have a few tops and bottoms to remove.
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Green finger pepper - no American likeness, Kangkong - or water spinach.These are the other vegetables that are washed and cut up.

Divine says that some people only add kangkong to their soup. It is a vegetable that grows on the water  (it is grown on the river I can see from my window).
Snapped yardlong beans

Jonah squeezes limes while filtering out seeds

I've never looked for these kind of limes in California - I hope they are there - lots of flavor!

Add all vegetables and lime juice to pot and cook for 8 minutes, then add the water spinach and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve with rice and a small bowl of lime juice with patis for those who want extra sour flavor.

Oh so good!

Jonah-ing - Cooking Class

Jonah and her aunt Divine show and teach me how to make real Lumpia!

Mix all the ingredients and then put them together. Aunt Divine was very particular about the size of everything and would take little bits out as she mixed it up -  if it wasn't small enough.

Actually I did a lot of watching, but helped a little.

Aunt Divine makes a cooked starch paste that she glues the wrappers together.

Putting them together is key to the whole effort.

Snug with no air pockets and tightly wrapped.

Fold in the sides and roll up....

Glue with the starch paste,

Then repeat!

Aunt Divine can roll two almost three to my one.

It was lots of fun!

Fry in oil on med heat until golden - to make sure the meat is cooked through.

Jonah cooked some of them up while Divine and I kept rolling.

I love them hot or cold.

Now that is lunch!

Actually we had rice, sinigang soup, and lumpia - I did a test run for Sunday lunch when I have a family from the ward over tomorrow. I wanted to make sure I could make something they would like to eat.

I will update this post with the lumpia recipe after Aunt Divine writes it up for me. I know how it was made and I think I can do it again on my own.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Making do with whatever is available

How to organize the little stuff without cost:

drawer in order
Listerine bottles are perfect to hold needles - when cut down
Dentist can drill straight across for nice cut
marker and scissors for lighter plastic 

Cut down water bottles can hold everything - besides you can see what is in it.  Those plastic cups will soon be gone as we drink more water.

Carpal tunnel - ish

I've been channeling Lisa Lambert the last few days. I can't believe all the things you can do with your left hand.
So my symptoms don't exactly match what I googled about Carpal tunnel - no thumb weakness, just a swollen wrist and two middle fingers that don't want to do anything anymore. Arm/wrist pain the minute I bend it wrong or type anymore! I've moved the mouse over to the left and click away with my left hand - it's more even that way anyway.
Slow typing, but short sentences.

Intake morning -

God's hello -

All in readiness -

Entrance where missionaries will begin -

Good morning to another batch at the MTC!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday before Intake Day

The Lord answered a prayer of mine today.
This is the Wednesday when the missionaries leave the MTC, before the Friday that a whole new 'batch' comes in. I decided to spend the day organizing our papers and cleaning the apartment.
I hauled everything out of one bedroom (how have we collected so much stuff in only few months?) and organized every bit of paper we had so I would know where everything was, including pens, highlighters, scissors and all the books, pamphlets, and many other things that had drifted into that room.

I have been meaning to get organized but I took the time today, because I've been trying for a few weeks now to find my immunization record. I remember bringing it to the MTC and getting a finale immunization but could not find the record of all my immunizations anywhere, it just vanished. I had prayed about it a few times as I looked in my desk, backpack, car, and closet. I kept putting off going through the extra bedroom as it had so much stuff. But I needed to do my part - hence the great organizing spree. No record in any part of the apartment.

When Jeffrey came home he really appreciated the organizing effort because it was mostly his papers and was grateful I took my day off to make our home so tidy and fix supper. He said an interesting thing happened today when he tried to find his phone. It was deep in a pocket of his briefcase, so he took everything out and found it - along with my immunization record.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taxi ride

Sometimes the blessings received are not noticed until much later.
When Jeffrey and I first arrived there were many issues that needed to be resolved and one of them was finding an apartment. Twice we had appointments we had to be to at a certain time.
On Wednesdays we cannot drive our car from 7 am to 8 pm because it is our code day. All the license plates have a number at the end. Whatever your last number is will correspond to a day that you are not allowed to drive that car. So we get a taxi.
Flags flying at he MTC

We were told you cannot get a taxi in the afternoon at the Area Offices and Temple. But being new to the city we didn't know exactly what people were talking about as you can see taxis running up and down the road all day long. Back in December when we had an appointment  to meet someone - usually given a couple of hours before - we would be just fine except on Wednesday.  Twice we had to meet someone on a Wednesday so we ran down to the road and flagged down a taxi. I of course prayed very hard that we could get a taxi and get to our appointment on time. We did and I didn't think anything more about it after a quick prayer of thanks.
Finding someone to ride with on Wednesdays
Yesterday was Wednesday and Jeffrey and I tried to flag down a taxi for about half an hour. I had an umbrella and still melted in the heat. Jeffrey told me he had tried a different Wednesday and he didn't have luck either and had just gone back to his office and waited until 8 pm.
I can't really pray about something without a need so I hadn't prayed that we could get a taxi - we were just going home for the day. Evidently you cannot get a taxi here without prayer. The taxis are heading into downtown Manila and do not want to stop for someone going the other way. If they are going the right way they already have passengers.
It is good to reflect on the miracles that have happened that we weren't aware of at the time.

Subtle Aid

It was just Dr. and Sister Burtenshaw working for the day. Dr. and Sister Stewart were off taking a class and test for two days. At six in the morning one patient was in the chair and everything was quiet and orderly.
Craig Burtenshaw, Sister missionary, and Karma Burtenshaw
(picture taken with permission)
Shortly after seven a.m. two field missionaries came in about an hour and a half early and Elder Eckert the infirmary nurse at the MTC had two emergencies. Elder Burtenshaw worked in one emergency Elder after his regular MTC missionary and the two early missionaries went out for breakfast. He was able to start on the field missionary, work in the second emergency, then hustled on to the next regular MTC patient. He didn't get a break as one of the Emergency missionaries had to have a root canal which takes longer.
Sisters and a member who brought them - not necessarily the missionaries in this story
The day continued smoothly although there were some anxious moments. Dr. B got a break for a few minutes and looked up and smiled. It is hard to quantify when the hand of the Lord is orchestrating events, it is just felt in looking back on the events of the day.
After lunch Elder Eckert came in with four more anxious missionaries, two of which Dr. Burtenshaw saw between other missionary appointments and two were scheduled for the next day. The field missionaries coming in early made it possible to see others later in their time slot.
Field Elders - though different from those mentioned here
On an interesting note another day, an Elder who was getting a wisdom tooth extracted was pale and shaky. His blood pressure was checked and after talking with him, they found out he had left home without breakfast - so he got Sister B's apple and a cookie that she'd inadvertently left the previous day. She felt that the Lord knew that Elder would need some food and made it feasible the day before.
When good coincidences pile up, it is evidence of grace from God.