Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A little touch from heaven once in awhile

I have a picture on my preview page that I pull up several times a week. I think about what a fantastic daughter I have and the time and effort she is taking with her children. I want to meet this little one and I love the fact his mother reads her text book to Oliver.
Oliver and his mom (Debbie Adams)
Then I usually head on over to Kelsi's Facebook page and see how the other boys are doing.
This week they went to "The Jungle" with a friend and before that they were camping!
Caleb following Jayson and his friend

I think I recognize that hat!  Look at those golden hills!!!  There are only green hills, flowers and of course heat where we are and the thought of wearing so many layers right now breaks me out in a sweat - or more of a sweat.
Corina is going to have a birthday in a few days and I'm hoping she will have a picture of her birthday posted. I'll keep you posted if I get one!

Scary Situation

One of the Elders had a pre-existing condition when he came to the Dental Clinic. His jaw would lock when he opened it for a dentist to work on. This Elder only had two fillings and he couldn't shut his jaws, in fact he could not swallow.
The dentist tried everything that had worked before - such as a warm cloth, a sedative......there were a couple of other things but I've forgotten......oh massage, something else. Anyway the Elder could not get his jaw to unlock and so he was taken to the hospital. Three female attendants were there to watch and look out for him and suddenly he could talk - all within two minutes.
The theory going around is that when he stopped thinking about his problem and thought about something else his problem went away.  It is was an interesting solution.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tininkling Practice

Jonah went all out in getting a dance instructor to teach the Activity Day children the traditional Tininkling Dance of the Philippines. Sister Sharon Perez is obviously talented in many forms of dance and looks and acts like a ballerina. The Primary children are very lucky to have her as their teacher.
I've been so excited to have this happen and have been looking forward to this day for many weeks. I was very pleasantly surprised when I met Sister Sharon for the first time as she showed the children form and why they need to act in a certain way during the dance.
Actually she danced the children till they were exhausted. She just kept on showing them steps as they slowly sank to the floor. She has a lot of discipline, grace, and endurance. What a pleasure it was to watch her!
Sister Sharon Perez describing what is needed in dance

Sister Sharon showed the children each little step starting with balance and the hand motions
The awkwardness in the beginning melted away to a semblance of grace

Sister Sharon went before each group showing them each step

The bamboo poles were never used because the basics are simple in theory but difficult to execute

Sister Sharon left with some practice steps to do every day so the children can build the muscles to endure the lively dance in a performance.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Intrepid Susie

Susan Diane Lore Eames
There is something unique about my sister Susie. She has a zest and appeal for life and makes everyone around her feel loved and cared about. I've banked on that quality growing up with her.
Street food again
Jonah and Susie fit together like two peas in a pod. Jonah was willing to show her country to Susie who wanted to learn it all.
Of course Susie has to try everything
Jonah showed Susie all the sights, rides, and food they could cram into four days

Mild and scary places these two went.....
Jonah made sure Susie was safe but took her everywhere she wanted to go

Another tricycle ride - and jeepney, hikes, walks down allies, SUV. There wasn't enough time for the train and bus

A type of yogurt that has a syrup over it with little hard jello like balls added -a breakfast food
Susie filled her days with the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of the Philippines and also taught children, helped in the dental clinic, made ties with me, and charmed my ward members. She showed the Relief Society president a new way of quilting that has begun in Utah, talked with my friends while we were at the Primary Program practice and has everyone missing her this week.

Dental Debs

On our last Intake, all the ladies were gathered to help out in the dental clinic, and we decided to take a picture. Susie is behind the camera though she helped out that day asking each missionary questions that we needed for a report.
Sister Stinchfield, I, Sister Hoem, Sister Whitehead, Sister Whitehead, Sister Tucker, Sister Van Wermeskerken, Sister Stewart
The first five ladies work every day in the Clinic, Sister Tucker is from ICS (computers) and Sister Van Weremeskerken is a radiologist from the MRC and her husband is a doctor. And our wonderful leader Sister Stewart.
Although I'm not suppose to say that as all the Dentist's wives are the leaders. Sorry in my book Sister Stewart is the Alpha and I take my direction from her.
Sister Tucker is really a sweetheart and comes to give us a few hours of help almost every day. She inventories, puts consent forms together, scans in information needed on patient charts and other odd jobs that are needed to help us run according to regulations. Sister Van Wermeeskerken (I can only spell it - I call her Sister Van) comes on Intake days to take the x rays of the missionaries.

After our picture we had a hilarious 10 minutes of everyone sharing pictures or trying to share pictures on their devices. I think dropbox or Airdrop something like that won the day.  Since I only have a camera and can't share except by email or Facebook messenger, I just took more pictures while laughing.

Elder Stinchfield is the pro on Airdrop, so he jumped into the mix

Almost everyone now has the picture!

Which just goes to show you can be busy when there isn't anything important to do.


It's all about laundry again....
So when I first arrived and realized that there is no Whisk or it's equivalent here, I was very dismayed! When I asked the ladies at church how they washed shirt collars they indicated they scrubbed them between their hands. Jeffrey has seven sweaty shirts every week, that is a lot of collars. I hate washing collars. Since about the time of high school, that job has been taken off the table. Coming here and doing it all again is phun.
Last week, Susie told me what Jonah showed her about washing shirt collars and Susie brought one back with her to the States:
Shirt collar scrubber

It is made out of the same material (nylon or plastic?) that dish scrubbers are made of only smaller thread with a much denser weave. I think it is stuffed with the same stuff but I'm not curious enough to open one up. It is MUCH easier to use and saves the knuckles wear and tear.
I'd bring some back for my friends but luckily they and I won't need them.  If you are going to Africa or somewhere without Whisk or it's equivalent, drop me a line and I'll send one of these shirt scrubbers for you - you don't want to be without one!

Some Yes Some No

Jonah, Boycee, Susie and I at Jollibee's
On our travels through the countryside, we stopped at Jollibee's (the biggest fast food restaurant in the Philippines) and I ordered the spicy chicken and rice - it was delicious. They had a special on Strawberry shakes and fries. So of course in the guise of trying new things we order one small package of strawberry fries. I don't think it is going to take off. It is as yucky as it sounds. Jonah knocked off the strawberry powder and could finish the small envelope, but nobody like them.
I found the Filipino people are very inventive and creative in their culinary pursuits and unafraid to try new things.