Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dinner Guests

Elder and Sister Whitehead with Sister MaryAnne Whitehead
On Friday the Whiteheads came for dinner and we enjoyed such a delightful night of conversation with them! They are kind, thoughtful talented people and luckily live in my daughter-in-laws relatives neck of the woods. There is a chance I will visit them again!

Ate Lorraine and excellent adventures

Ate [pronounced Ah-tay] means older sister, or a sign of intimate respect - at least that's what I'm getting from what I hear. Quite a few ladies in our ward call each other Ate instead of Sister. So of course I had to pick it up and use it with the ladies I know.
Ate Lorraine and I have spent some days together on service project, visits to Primary children, out to lunch, and sewing projects. The adventure comes in driving to places!  We are all in one piece without any major vehicle damage and no accidents reported from other drivers. Lots of prayers answered though. I love this lady, friend, and sister and will miss her desperately as I will Jonah, the grandkids, Ernesto, Sister Nido and my ward members that I may never see again.
Visiting with Yushin. He is engineer minded, loves math and has a clear course for his future. He will be eight next week.

We visited Nephiah and Kobe, I don't know the baby's name, but the mom is Sister Pollen and her husband is the counsellor in the bishopric. Nephiah is the one who isn't afraid to say hello to the new people - young or old and is the first child I met in the ward.

My sister Sharon gave me some roll-up crayon and pencil holders and when I gave them away, she made me some more. Several people are fascinated with the convenience and organisation of crayons and pencils. Ate Lorraine wanted to make one as a gift so she came over and I brought out some pillow case left over fabric and she sewed one up!
This is the cry of success when she snipped off the last thread!

Ate Lorraine loves showing me the wonderful flavours found in the Philippines. This restaurant is famous for Tapa - I'm pretty sure that is what we had along with sinagang soup.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I assisted Elder Stewart and asked a missionary if there were any other missionaries in his family. During up and down and rinsing his mouth out, he told me a little of his story.  He told me that he was the first missionary in his family and in his branch. He joined the church with his family as a 10-year old. He became a teacher and taught 6th graders. He is 24 years old and gave up his career to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. He is a true pioneer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How do you get bricks up to the second floor? Quirrino Style!

There is something marvellous about young men and women and people working together to accomplish their goals. Missionaries from the Quezon City Mission with young and old from the Quirrino Ward all got together to help with this construction project. I have only witnessed construction work being done by hand both times we have come.

She's going to fit right in!

Monday was Sister Grimshaw's first day on the job. Her husband will be taking Jeffrey's place as the AALC (Assistant Area Legal Counsel).  I took her to a service project in the ward.
Sister Grimshaw walking with all of us from the church house to the project site

We were working on housing for the lame, blind, and disabled. She distinguished herself doing a really good job. I kept getting asked if she was going to come to the ward. I hope she heard and felt a motivation to come as she would be a great asset to the ward.
Sand and dirt dust with small rocks have to be continually swept out of the way and away from the drainage system

Whatever job needed doing, Sister Sandra Grimshaw was there in this case filling sandbags. The sand was later sorted to pull the rocks out and mix with water and something to be used to mortar the bricks to the wall.

I am not sure if this young man is a member of the church or not. He hangs around the missionaries and I've sat beside him at church, but I've never seen parents or siblings come with him.  He was very kind and bought Sister Grimshaw and I a common breakfast food "Taho". Actually Jonah identified it for me. It is a yogurt with syrup and little jello balls. Way too sweet for me and for Sister Grimshaw. This boy told me in Bagiuo they serve it with strawberries.

Sister Grimshaw even carries bricks
Conveyor line for bricks going up to the second floor. Sister Grimshaw at the front of the line.
Sister Grimshaw is going to be working in the Humanitarian and Welfare departments at the Area office, so this project is right up her new alley.

Monday, April 9, 2018


What is the difference between a miracle and tender mercies of the Lord?
Is it the magnitude?  A miracle is turning water into wine, raising the dead, healing the sick, turning a blind man into a seeing man. Tender mercies are......... mini-miracles?

Today I jumped onto Messenger to see what the ward had to say and found Sister Lorraine wouldn't be coming to do some sewing. In my mind I'm re-arranging what I want to get, washing all the rugs, laundry.......

Jeffrey is getting things together to leave and asked if I wanted to come so I could have the car. I told him I didn't need the car and he said, "Come, and then if you need the car today you will have it."  Ok, so I quickly put on some clothes, brushed my hair and slipped on some shoes. I thought I'd run over to the dental clinic and see how their Monday went and if someone needed help another day this week.

Sister Stewart was so glad to see me as she had a 7:30 am appointment to go play at the Area devotional and wouldn't be back till 10 am. She asked if I came because of an email. I hadn't checked any email so I considered it a miracle that I'd even shown up. So did she. So I assisted Elder Stewart again though I didn't have any scrubs to wear. (Maybe I'l leave a pair in the car) What was it that got me where I needed to be when I needed to be there?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Lunch Guests

This is not really a fair picture because the wind was blowing whirlwinds. The Grimshaws actually looked really good coming off the plane the day before despite traveling all day - with delays. They are a fun, dedicated couple ready to go to work.

The Grimshaws are here to replace Jeffrey and I. We have been showing them around the Mall and how to get to the grocery store. They have received so much information in a short amount of time I wonder how much is sinking in. Memories came flooding back of our first days here and the many adjustments that we had to make. The Grimshaws are doing a really fine job of staying awake in the daytime and learning their way around.  They are from Salt Lake City.