Friday, June 22, 2018

Thanks For Doing your Job!

I really appreciate the great service you have done in your job, it is beneficial to my life.......but no presents!!

No presents please....especially on the front porch

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Art of Ministering

One of my best friends came over and brought a meal and listened to me talk. I got to catch up a little on her family but I think she listened to my stories more. That is really a wonderful gift, to listen to someone. I had a need to share my experiences and she was gracious to listen. I have watched her for years and have taken her example of caring for children at school and neighbors seriously and I feel this is another example I can take to heart.
Memories of a great summer we had together filled my mind. Sitting together beside a swimming pool watching our children. I am so glad we took those moments because life switches and changes to another track and those occasions become precious. At the time I felt I would have forever to make choices. But those moments are fleeting and taking the time to chat, share and make connections in that moment is vital to my happiness.
Another great friend invited a few of us to lunch this week and we met up at a restaurant. Sharing and caring, and laughing is what friendship is all about. On the way back home another friend suggested going out of her way to drop me off to be with Jeffrey.  Ahh, friends are grand!
All of these little moments are what ministering to others is all about. The caring, sharing, thoughtfulness, and service are the key to making lasting connections.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Seeing Rachel

Jeffrey and I traveled across California, Nevada and into Idaho to go see Rachel this last week. Fun, fun, fun! I had quite a bit of mother-daughter catch up chatting, walking and even a late night cookie run. I am soooo glad I do not live here. This cookie shop is fantastic and it would blow every goal I have out of the water.  Walking around campus with Rachel I realized it has been 40 or 41 years since I've been all over the campus and I only recognize a few buildings,  the design in between buildings is not even the same.
Hanging out with Rachel and getting to know her dreams and desires again, chatting about life and how is all works has been soul filling. On Thursday we went for a quick drive out to Mesa Falls so we could walk along the trail and see nature in beauty. We timed it just right between Rachel's class and the oncoming storm. Such beauty that was soothing, exciting and uplifting all in one day. There is really something about lighting, storm, rain, hail and sunshine that can be amazing.
Together again We went shopping just because we could. It's nice to do ordinary thing together
Sorry no picture of the cookies, they were gone way too fast!
On the road to a short adventure

Mesa falls

Drinking in the sights

There is something about water and lava rocks that is really appealing
Clouds but lots of sun and mild breeze

Contrast to the swirling cold bite with rain and hail - so nice to be in the car
The sun popped out again when we got to Rexburg, so Rachel and I went on a tour of the campus, though we did run into more rain. Rachel has an excellent strategy of walking through certain buildings so she only gets a little damp between them.

Rachel and I took a tour of the campus - so cool!

I forgot the red-heads name but she had a birthday. This is five of the six roommates.

Rachel and I at the apple orchard just before we were dogging rain and lighting

Friday, May 25, 2018

Getting to know the Grands

In the last few weeks I've been able to interact and get to know my grandchildren again. I've found some unique traits and traits they all share. I love how their personalities are becoming their very own and how they figure out problems and come up with their unique solutions.

Oliver the man who like to explore

Corina and Grandpa
Grandpa usually wins but explains each step

Tell her how the game works and Corina will think it through
Caleb and Jayson thoughtful and helpful

Full of energy and a no quit attitude
Everyone is moving to different cities and homes. So all the grands are watching their belongings get packed up into boxes. When moving, parents need more babysitting then normal, so as Nona I have more one-on-one time for each of the grandchildren. It was so nice of Debbie to invite Kelsi, Jayson, Caleb and I over to her mothers house to play.  Matthew and Debbie will stay with her mother (Laurie Henderson) until they find a home close to the hospital where Matthew will be working.  I was able to see all my grandchildren together for the first time. It was fantastic to watch them play and interact together. Diving off couches and pillows, putting up forts and finding caves in the boxes and stacked furniture. They had a really grand time playing on the swing-set outside.  What a lot of joy!

My heart is full to overflowing to know these precious souls

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Last Activity Day

Opening Activity
Started out with each child having his own bag of cereal that he/she would use to play "Don't Eat Pete"
Set up Activity
Zip Zap Zoop A game to play while the Treasure hunt was being set up. Zip to the person next to you, Zap to reverse, Zoop to start on the another side of the circle
Treasure Hunt
Getting the first clue

Finding and interpreting clues
It's the race to the next clue

So much fun!

Clue in the kitchen

Crowd of investigators
Finding the treasures
New Activity - The Art of Co-operation
Explanation of Activity

Without touching the bottle, all hold and bring it to another place

With a rubber band and ribbons bring bottle down the row

Then set it down upright
For some reason the girls were much better at this activity

Even though they had more people they seem to be able to talk and execute an operation together

Even the under eights were able to co-ordinate and get the job done!
Last Activity
The last activity of the day was to write affirmation of everyone on a paper, or drawing a picture about them. This activity didn't go over very well...maybe too many people, maybe not enough ideas of words.....I'm not sure. It is much easier to have them put together a scripture story - which is what I would have done if I'd stayed on
So I just left my testimony with all the children and also left a piece of my heart in the Quirrino First ward.

Primary longings

The caveat to this post is that I'm not sure how to spell names and even if I've gotten them right - but in my mind I know who each child is!
I miss walking into church and getting Nephiah's hugs. I miss her brother Kobe considered look before he gives me a hug. I miss Shoti's exuberance and Anya's smile as he sits down next to Jeffrey. I miss Angelo coming up to sit and chat with Jeffrey. I miss Chiyo's personal notes and hug and LJ's long hugs. I miss watching Cedric come up with a considered question for Jeffrey in Sharing Time and Grant's thoughtful answers. I miss Chichum's quick access of any scripture and Chloe's chatter and smile with MDale's laugh. I miss Adam thoughtfulness and his sister Angela's quiet smile and answer. I miss Sweet's sidelong glance with a shy smile and Alex's shouting, "Hi Sister Adams!" on a crowded lane. I miss the calculations of a future engineer with Yushin and his sidekick Jaden. I finally figured out who was James and who was Joshua and then I can't see them anymore. I know Isabel has gone on vacation to the Province and wonder if she will be back. Does Mattie stick around for Sharing Time? Is Russell and Neptali on their chair or under it? Kitty's grandson - ah name escapes me, he always does well in his talks and what is the name of his sidekick - he is not shy but thoughtful, Sister Coco's daughter is shy and adorable and every once in awhile will talk on her own. Does Paulo come to class? Is Adam Ledesma happy and healthy? We have birthdays just a day apart (and a few decades).  There were so many new investigators and children who came in and out. I wonder how they are faring and how life is?

I really miss Activity Day and watching the children run around, exploring experiments, then listening to scripture stories. I miss their questions and amazing observations. They will all go on in life but I will remember them as they were in this moment.

Sharing Time

Trying to jump at the same time - some pictures are better than others - what is the name of the boy in the blue stripes?
Good times........

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Everyone in our family is in a state of transition this year. Jeffrey and I are trying to figure out normal again. No alarm for 6 am office start, no due dates or projects to finish.
When we flew to Utah a few days after arriving in California, I talked to Rachel my youngest daughter and she is beginning another semester of school with new roommates and deciding where her life should go. We talked to Michael and Julia who are expecting a little girl to arrive in August. Talk about changing your life! A first baby is always  life changing. They are both in school and figuring out how to graduate expiditiously.
After being back in California for a few days we flew to North Carolina to watch Matthew graduate after four years of medical school. Big move from the East Coast over to the West Coast with Debbie and the children flying and Matthew and Jeffrey driving for three days in a moving van. Matthew took the last leg into California by himself. Saying goodbye to all their friends, colleges and the beautiful gardens, hiking trails and roads of North Carolina to begin all over again in Sacramento, California.
I flew back early (though I got stuck in Chicago for four hours) so I could take care of Jayson and Caleb while Nate and Kelsi traveled up to Redding and signed for their new home, painted rooms, and picked out appliances to be dropped off next week. They are expecting a little girl in August also and going to three small children is going to be a big transition too!
Last night I talked with Andrew about his plans to buy a new home. He asked if he could live with us for a few months to save on rent so he could buy a home. He has all kinds of ideas of how his life will change this year.
And then there is Rebekah making one of the biggest transitions in life, she is getting married next month to Michael McGoveran! We are so happy for her and making plans to house all who are coming for her celebration. Life is good, really good. But normal? What is normal?
Sorting out and packing boxes, living out of suitcases and dreaming up ideas to entertain children is my normal for now. Keeping track of wedding plans and airport schedules is taking priority. Will I be transitioned by July?
Rachel's hug
At Zuppa's with Michael and Julia

Blowing the dandelion North Carolina
Soon to be one more armful in August
Rebekah and Andrew

Michael and Rebekah