Thursday, March 22, 2018


Faithful every morning

This woman sweeps the curb and sidewalk everyday around 6 am. I notice constant maintenance everywhere in the mall and other shops. I am amazed that the stick broom can sweep up so much - I'm not too handy with them - nor the wispy straw ones. The nylon bristle brushes I am use to, jam up and deteriorate quickly - why I don't know. I can't imagine wearing so many layers but I'll bet it is to protect her from the exhaust and dust from vehicles.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Visiting Teaching's fun experience

I just have to tell you about my evening!  At 3 pm I drove to the Aurora chapel to meet with Sister Nido to go visiting teaching. When we got there I found we were also going with the Missionary Sisters from the ward. Four of us jumped in Sister Nido's SUV and picked Sister Villanueva and drove to see Sister Daylinda. I gave her a picture of all of us in the rain and a good one of her on the back and told her not to forget me when I leave next month. I found out she is leaving the first of next month to live with her mother-in-law to make a better life for her son.
Nida Nido, I, Sister Sofele (from Murray, UT), Sister Reyes (from the Philippines) and Daylinda

Sister Nido, the Missionary sisters, Sister Villanueva, and Daylinda

Then we drove over to visit some new members and investigators for a Relief Society visit. We walked down colourful, busy streets with every kind of merchandise and business. Barber shops, vulcanising (nearest thing to a auto repair), fans over fish, bananas and fruit, snacks and sweets, Halo-halo being put together on the street, shop after shop, some in carts on the road and some in storefronts all tied together with strings of electrical wire overhead.
I'm not sure what was being sold here, but auto parts are on one side and a fish vendor is on the other - maybe it's a spa or something like that

Snacks, treats, candy, soup,  and water

This road was wide enough for a car, some were only big enough for a tricycle

Color and merchandise everywhere

Walking along taking pictures I hear, "Sister Adams, Sister Adams! Hello Sister Adams!" A girl from Primary picked me out of a crowd and came to give me a hug. I hugged her back and said hello to all of the children running around her in the street.
Elsa is the girl in blue with her friends

Elsa's dad and his food cart with Elsa and I

She lives down this street and to the left
What are the odds? It felt good being recognised in a foreign neighbourhood.

This was the last street big enough for cars - and wouldn't you know it - my camera battery ran out!  Just when I was having an adventure.

Sister Nido and I don't walk as fast as the young girls and we came up to them talking with two older ladies sitting in chairs on the sidewalk. The sisters were giving them pamphlets about Jesus Christ and there was a good feeling with lots of chatter. At one point when we were shaking hands one of the ladies stood up and gave me a hug. Someone translated that she said she dreamed of us coming. The sisters didn't react except to write down their information to visit them again, so I'm thinking my idea of the translation was off.

The sisters talked to another lady at her door - down a dark alley, too small to walk two together. I simply waved at that door being at the back of five.  Then back into the sunlight and down a few more narrow streets until we came up to the sisters talking to some moms and kids, when I recognised two more boys from Primary! Lots of chatter and talking, smiling and the sisters handed out more pamphlets of Jesus Christ. I reminded the boys to come on Friday at 5 pm to Activity Day.

Walking back the sisters talked to a man in a wheel chair while I watched children playing games, a handicap boy being fed by a man, two men setting up a chess game and a woman frying up fish. The sisters gave out another pamphlet and we all shook hands again.

We took a bike pedal trike back to the SUV and when I got out the sisters weren't with us as they had walked to another investigator's home. We arrived at Sister Q's house where I gave her a picture and told her not to forget me when I left next month. After some socialising and talk about the Book of Mormon we agreed to meet next month after she got her hair dyed and take another picture.

I had so much fun! I enjoy the adventures and the love I share with the sisters in this ward.  I came home to hear about Jeffrey's macro mission experience in the Senate Staff today. The Lord is so good to us!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Music is Powerful

Sister Coco gather's all the children around
She sings the song several times with the children

They were all engaged until someone came in the door.

Sharing Time was going downhill fast as the children were tired, a little bored, and wanted to go run outside. Sister Coco gathered them all around to sing a song and turned the day into a success. Sometimes the kids learn more from the songs than they do from anyone talking.

Primary leaders

Sister Sherry, I, Sister Coco, Sister Lorraine, Sister Eugene, Sister, Sister Myrna and the counsellor in the Stake Presidency

At a Stake Leadership training meeting, we took pictures of those in our Primary who were there. On Sunday we met as a Ward Primary board and I forgot to take a picture! I love these sisters so much and will miss them desperately when I leave.

The Ride

MaryAnne's chair

MTC Dental Handbook

The ever evolving Dental Clinic Handbook

When I saw this notebook on the counter I started laughing. Sister Stewart has been working on it since I've come - three months after she arrived. She asks each of us to write down the steps we use on the computer and different softwares. She has been trying to collect and simplify every step. It just keeps evolving and morphing as the powers that be want or don't want the answers to different questions -  she is looking for the simplest method of reporting and accounting for procedures and work operations.
Sister Stewart's baby - she is often found in a room with the door shut going over different drafts

Early Morning

In the mornings before the missionaries come, the dental clinic gathers for announcements, a spiritual thought and a prayer. Sometimes the insights are very powerful.  Everyone takes turns and today it was Elder Stewart's turn.


Sister Stinchfield

Elder Stewart giving the announcements

Sister Stewart and I were behind the counter or front desk

Dynamics of the office change over time as different priorities are asked of us from the MTC Missionary  Board, from Dr Burtenshaw and from the Philippine MTC. Sometimes we are all happy and in agreement and sometimes somebody gets set back. I'm only putting in this post so I remember.