Monday, December 11, 2017

Results from Light the World

On Monday I asked Ernesto what he was going to do about his 21st Anniversary that night. He said they would just have a meal in. I said, "What! It's your anniversary and you aren't going to take Christy out?!!" He told me he had already used the money he was going to spend at the hospital when she broke out in an allergy attack and had to get a shot. I did remember that occasion - actually it happened twice in the past five weeks.
So I put on my cat-in-the-hat persona and told him I could buy some groceries that he could bring home so she didn't have to make a meal. I told him how great it would be if she didn't have to make something on their special day. He said three hours traveling with groceries would make them 'spoiled'. I agree - even going home through the mall can make the lettuce wilt. So after a steady stream of different scenarios and how he could make Christy happy, he agreed to take some pesos for Christy and his family to celebrate their anniversary.
Christy and Ernesto Solera 21 years of marriage
I got a a message and pictures on FaceBook this morning:
A surprise date and gift for our anniversary,thanks for my hubby,and Sis.Linda Ann Adams.I really appreciated.Thank you very much.....
Christy, Princess, Andre, Kyle, and Ernesto

Princess with a national favourite Halo Halo

Cute kids!!

Solera Family
Her end message was:
We celebrate our anniversary together with our kids.It is not complete with out them.Their very happy and enjoy eating and malling.We Love You Nana.

All Done!

I am grateful that as a 15 year old my son Michael introduced me to the "Piano Guys" saying, "Mom you gotta listen to this!'

The last of the skirts for the wedding are done!  As I sewed on waistbands I listened to the Piano Guys and thought about Michael and Julia and their new life together.
Romarie and Aaron are getting married next week and will be starting a new life together too. Lots of new beginnings.
Nine Circle skirts ready to go!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sunday Sharing Time again......

At least everyone mostly stayed in the Sharing Time room. I asked the children in the Senior primary and the Junior primary to do me a favour. I wanted them to draw a picture of something that happened at Jesus Christ's birth and I would film their picture while Christ's birth was being read.  Senior primary it went ok maybe great comparing it with Junior primary. Junior primary started out with three boys who were mad walking in the door. They wanted to dump crayons, write on the walls and poke at someone else. The rest of the children were just tired of meetings and were their usual restive selves.
The Primary president had to leave for an emergency, the music leader didn't show up, the other counsellor was ill but showed up, and luckily for me one of the teachers stuck around. I had a grandfather called in because the grandson was out of control. He ended up reading the scriptures for the Junior primary. After church he was heard to mention, "It's a jungle in there."
I think all I'm asking right now is that someone doesn't lose their budding testimony.

Using talents

We left early for church today because one of the members wanted to learn how to drive. For some reason Jeffrey thought he had some experience.
Jeffrey had to show him how to turn on the car and where everything was before they could even weave their way around the lot. I laugh because I usually was the one to teach our kids how to drive the car around the parking lot in the church grounds and Jeffrey usually came later - sometimes a lot later and drove with our children on the roads. He explained how hard it was...yup.

Friday, December 8, 2017

I know her

Yesterday while I was sewing on the Stockings and hanging them up as I went along, Sister Hoem told me some of them were on the pole wrong. They all needed to be taken off and put on right. I told her not to worry that Sister Stewart would come up and when she saw them she would take them all off, straighten them out, and put them in a nice neat matching order.
About 1/2 an hour later Sister Hoem's and I are cracking up laughing when Sister Stewart looks up from her efforts and says, "What?!"

Just like I know Laura Nausin would have matching bowls and implements when she is serving at high school graduation, a funeral, her home, or a wedding.  Then there is my sister Susie. Same kind of knowledge that she would straighten out my work.

Happy Birthday Sister Stewart

You've had a birthday shout hooray!!
Seniors from all over the MTC came down to help Sister Stewart have a great birthday-and eat cake

Lemon bars too

Sister Stewart stepped out of the operatory to have a picture with the maintenance men who came down to wish her a happy birthday!
Ernesto, Anton, Mike, Sister Stewart, JayAr, O.R

The next night we had a celebration at a restaurant where many couples came. Sister Stinchfield has  a few pictures as I forgot to bring a camera.  Happy Birthday Sister Stewart!

Batches and Girls Camp

Experience is really a great teacher. After a few years at girls camp I noted that there is always a pattern of major problems and miracles that happen. Sometimes the leaders can't come, at the last minute, sometimes the leaders have differences on how to run camp, sometimes there are forest fires, rain, landslides, late snow etc. etc., sometimes a girl will spill boiling water on her feet, a leader will have heart problems on the trail, someone will swell up with allergies etc., etc.  and then there are always the miracles of blessings, answers, and those who 'happen' to be in the right place to help at the right time i.e.: paramedic as a leader with the girl with burned feet. 1. There will be dangerous hazards 2. There will be miraculous solutions - usually already set up or near by.
Every Intake batch at the MTC isn't any different. Sometimes the leaders are sick, sometimes the missionaries have terrible thing happen or go wrong, sometimes the equipment this batch.
The air compressor just stopped working during a procedure.
J.R, Ernesto, O.R

Equipment has a hard time in this very hot, humid environment

Ernesto the major problem solver

Mike nearest the door can make miracles happen with electricity and machines

The heroes to the rescue!