Saturday, July 7, 2018

Deja vu Moment

I went to a Filipino store that a missionary recommended to me and realized I 'd been there before. I walked into a store that I had been to about eight or nine year ago. While walking through the store looking for snack items for another missionary, a particular smell hit my brain and suddenly I was back in the Philippines with all these memories cascading over me. I stopped in my tracks and almost started to cry. I miss my friends and Ate so much!
I laughed when I got in the car to go home because a similar situation happened when I went shopping in the Philippines in a reversal of locations!  What is it about smells?
I don't know how long this store has been around, but I have been here to get lumpia wrappers with my friend years ago - though I didn't know at the time that it is Filipino - they even have street food in the center of the lobby.

Having lived in Manila these two stores are very familiar!

Really!!!! There is a Jolibee's only 5 miles away from my home!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Early waking boys, after adults late night

When I came downstairs on Saturday morning, Susie was taking my grandsons on a yard adventure. The swing of the water sprinkler was a waterfall to negotiate, the stones around the flowerbed a rocky trail to traverse. There were trolls to avoid (a large sprawled out cat) and zombies to run around (an uncle out doing business).  Susie took the boys for an adventure and told their mother to "rest" for a bit. Since most of the adults in the household went to bed around 4:30 am after chatting together all night, this was a needed respite.
Passing the zombie

Avoiding trolls

Traversing a rocky path

Little extra help for the toddler

Then she had them counting down houses and finding treasures of a certain color. They would bring all their treasure for me to admire and then go out again to find another color of treasure. I had platefuls of leaves, pop tops, some kind of handle, feathers, fruit, flowers, nuts and seed pods, along with trash and debris from yards.
When Susie had to do some work for her office, she had the boys draw a treasure map of where they had gone
Then she rolled it into a workable scroll

And took the boys on a treasure hunt when she was finished with her work.
Susie needed to answer some email, texts and calls from her office and work mates, so she had the boys draw up a treasure map of where they had gone that morning and the houses they had stopped at.  I have to admit it looked like squiggles and boxes to me. Though I did recognize the colors they had brought home.  Susie handed me some lollipops and said to hide them in the yard with a red cup on top so they could "find" them when they got home.
Where does her imagination come from? How can she turn everyday items into magic for kids young and old? How did she learn to be so fun to be around? Why?

Susie is the Ultimate Aunt

Susan Eames is the person you want to be around and have come visit and help out. She shows her concern and love by hugs, chats, and ironing your shirt/skirt while she listens. Have you ever considered an aunt as someone who will be your friend, not your mother, someone little older and in the know? That is Susie.
Susie and her niece Shuanna (Lore) Ludlow
Susie has ideas about the Girls Night out Party and knows how to get racy nighties.
Rachel, Susie, and Shuanna out shopping!
When the dinner was almost half over, Charla felt ill. Susie knew when Bekah didn't come back that there was a problem, so she came out and volunteered to drive Charla's car home so Charla could drive with  me. Thus relieving Charla's concern of what to do with her car.
Good food, entertainment, and friends. 

And we should mention the fact that Susie was willing to get up and dance with the belly dancer and girls!
That is Susie behind the dancer's wrist.


Laura Nausin set up a luncheon for Kim Kruse and Rosanne Nieto who just had birthdays. So much fun to get together in a pot-luck to celebrate their birthdays!  It's hard on the friends who work every day as we miss them and they miss us. Those of us who could make it had a nice time connecting, chatting, and catching up with each other.
Laura set up the luncheon and Jenn Parris was nice enough to serve

Rosanne and Kim were the birthday girls!

Teemarie's mother-in-law now lives with them  Grandma Nausin is always taking care of people

Jenn Parris looking good and Teemaree Capener is doing great!

Bonnie Carter has been a friend a long time, Joann Magleby wanted her picture with someone else.

Heather Porter was able to come for a short time, Pam Hosking is really fun to chat and talk with.   Laura's mom and Bonnie's mom are friendly.
Nice conversations by all. Laura was not too keen on having her picture taken but she sure knows how to throw a party!  I was there but forgot to take a picture of myself.....maybe next time.

Back with Children again

On Sunday I was asked to aid the Nursery leaders as one of the teachers were going to be out of town. It was so nice to be back with children again!  I've missed the associations and conversations that only children have. They were young and adorable. One boy was done a half hour before the class ended, so that was phun. Distraction was the name of the game, and it worked.
The magical part was when Darlene Ramos read to the children and they all congregated over to hear the story.
Children love to hear stories read to them

Monday, June 25, 2018

June 20th of 2018 Rebekah and Mike McGoveran

Michael and Rebekah McGoveran just married June 20, 2018

The day mothers hope, wish and pray for. A day when their child finds someone who makes them happy and whole.
The whole Adams Family, not pictured are the two girls who will be born in August. This was June 23, 2018
This was a really happy day! My entire family all together in one spot for three and a half hours!

From left to right: Briona- Andrew's girlfriend and Andrew, Julia -Michael's wife expecting a girl, Rebekah the bride with her brother Michael in back, Michael - Rebekah's husband in tux, Jeffrey over his shoulder and Linda Ann next, Kelsi - Nate's wife expecting a girl, Corina held in her mother Debbie's arms with Matthew behind holding Oliver on his shoulders. Jayson is being held by Nate and Rachel is holding his brother Caleb.  Kelsi, Nate, Jayson and Caleb are one family, Matthew, Debbie, Corina and Oliver are one family. All of them are very much loved by me!

First day and week of our new Normal

Jeffrey and I do not have a set agenda. There is no where is need to travel anywhere. All the wedding guests have gone home. And now we start our new normal. Weird.

Jeffrey is off to a flying start by looking up insurance plans, checking out finances, and writing to a few job postings.  One was interesting because they wanted an employment specialist who could work in Asia countries, mostly Japan. Wow, just the ticket, as Jeffrey has been working in that field for a year and a half.  Jeffrey wrote in to that one but they asked if we would be willing to relocate at our own expense.  Nah, I like my friends and I'm close to my children and really don't want to move somewhere just for a job.

I on the other hand am thinking about my daughter's wedding this past week, comprehending what great friends I have, and pondering the ties I have with family.  And looking through photos:)

There is a little cleaning up to do.....and maybe tomorrow I'll get started on the sorting and deciding what I really want to save from the boxes and boxes in the garage.......maybe I need to go visit.....somebody.....then open up the boxes.  Meanwhile the house may get very clean.....priorities.