Monday, January 20, 2014

Gratitude For Mortal Angels

Moms get to sit on their hands and worry.... a lot.  After your kid is about 8, there is no more holding, rocking, hugging, or kissing it better. Of course you still feel the same angst and have the same need to do something, but the child is "too big" for that.
That's why God sends angels. I haven't personally seen the halo and wings, but I know a few mortals who are God's messengers, workers, and personnel.
My youngest Rachel is a quiet, shy, hard-working, and observant. As a three year-old she did NOT want to go up in Primary to hold a picture, pick a song, or give a talk. Working, memorizing, giving prompts, walking up to the front with her, all the things a mom can do when girls are young I did. But mostly I prayed she would have the help she needed to overcome her painful shyness.  Many times her confident, beautifully memorized talk would become a squeak and duck when she got up in front of her friends.
Ah, then came Ms. Hasegawa her 3rd grade teacher at school.  Ms. Hasegawa had a policy of having each student get up in front of the class each week and report on a specific assignment.  One week they gave their favorite poem, one week was a news event, one week they said how they lived by the standards of cooperation, inclusion, honesty etc. from the school. Right now I've forgotten what the last week was........ Anyway the children were graded on their performance from 1 to 5. What a difference in Rachel's life in a few months! Prayers were being answered! She could get up in front of her peers and an audience and give a report, talk, or lesson.  She was still a shy, fairly quiet girl, but more socially adept.
Last Sunday. My gratitude for the Lord's blessings and angels is immense.
Rachel gave a clarinet solo with Teemaree Capener accompanying her in church. And did a good job.
Angels (good women)  made it possible.
Jackie Fontaine asked Rachel many months ago to play in church.  Rachel said yes even though she had just quit band to take choir.  She felt she could practice a bit and be ready.  I believe they had one, maybe two practices when Rachel went on an outing and slammed the car door on her thumb. Cracked almost in half. No solo.
Lisa Lambert (Mortal Angel) called Rachel a few weeks ago and asked her to play again.  Lisa went out of her way to make sure Rachel would do a good job, even going so far as to practice with her.  Lisa had chemotherapy which renders one arm and hand almost useless, so she plays a 7 note range with Rachel till Rachel felt confident and gained back her embouchure. Teemaree Capener is another caring loving angel ready and willing to support, help and give of her time to make sure Rachel was a success.  Thank you to God and the Angels.  Many back prayers are being answered.

Lisa hold clarinet with one hand and plays her notes with the other