Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FHE - You have to read my friend's blog on it!

I have this really great friend who used to be the YW president when I was her counselor and we got to know each other I thought pretty well. But the art of blogging makes you see others in a different light and her latest on last night's FHE was awesome. Check it out! Maybe the Lore relatives would consider it - well maybe they have already done it! Our activities tend to be tamer. I'll think about spicing them up a bit.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nate Comes for the Weekend

Nate flew in on Saturday morning because his friend Faby Lopez was getting baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. She came over to our house by herself and drove over to the Stake house with Nate and I. A reception was being set up and it happened to be a friend of Nates -the former Katie Faires. Nate baptized Faby and when she was changing and putting on her make-up I asked why she decided to listen to the missionaries and she said she knew Nathan in high school and had gone to church with him and then when she was on her own she felt a void in her life. Both Nate and her friend Stephanie encouraged her to take the discussions and look into the church. It is interesting to note that her father is a minister of a church right here in town. He had been a Catholic and went searching as a young man and is working hard at his church now.
Faby is such a nice girl, it is easy to love her. Nate even confirmed her on Sunday just before he flew back to Arizona. We scooped Faby up with us on Friday night and took her to the wedding reception to see Katie and her new man. Then Faby and Nate went to San Francisco and Nate had to break into the house because no one would wake up to let him in. Is was so great to have him for a little bit and very nice to be a part of Faby's life for a few minutes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Product of the 80's

I just read somewhere that if you have an off-set ponytail you are a product of the 80's. Instantly I'm transported back to the little Syracuse home and while visiting there was a big hubbub because Donna was missing. Come to find out she went home with her friend to help her out and visit. Donna comes home with this cute bouncy off-set ponytail and a logical reason for her actions. Since I'm not the mom or in charge I laugh my head off. She really was a darling girl with her mind track set to a logic that didn't always match up with moms.Her generosity is outstanding and that girl can find a sale in her sleep. It was her birthday this month though I can't remember how old she is. She has a sense of style that is unique and changing. Sometimes dramatic and bold, sometimes elegant and graceful. Her styles change and she has a good eye for what the finished product will look like. She always knows what is hip and what was yesterday's news, though she can work with just about any medium and make it work.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stop and Remember Where They Are

As a young mother I realized quickly that being a mom doesn't come automatically. First off I had to remember I had a baby and where that baby was. I don't remember seriously leaving Rebekah anywhere but I did have nightmares about it. I believe the only one I left was Rachel sleeping in her bed when I went on errands and to the post office one time.
I developed a system of counting up the kids and picturing them where they were or were suppose to be about every hour or hour and a half so I wouldn't forget to pick them up, or leave them at a party, or bring them where they were suppose to go. I had to resort to calendars and stickys in the car because I couldn't keep it all in my head. Sometimes I still jerk awake wondering if I'm suppose to be somewhere with someone.

Rachel is the first priority now because she's the youngest. I can picture her easily at school (they are learning about the digestive system moving on to the circulatory system) and I see her everyday when I supervise the playground.

Michael gets thought about in the mornings but usually has long days and calls if his plans change. He is learning much about volleyball and doing well in life and school.

I stop and think what the older kids are doing at least once a day though I don't fret and even image where they are or what they are doing. Way too scary.

Rebekah and Jennie are getting ready to walk in graduation next month. Rebekah has a job. She sounds happy and looking forward to life. She's usually not on my worry radar, just someone to talk and share with.
Andrew is in the mission field. His letters are funny, misspelled, and insightful. Totally leave that one up to the Lord.
Nate is in Arizona having adventures and heartbreak, setting goals and dreams. I think about him frequently.
And Matthew - What is Matthew doing? I know he is in Provo getting ready for finals in April but I really have no idea where he is and what he may be up to. It's anybody's guess. I leave it up to his Guardian Angel and smile when things go well.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It is 10:30 at Night

The light at the top is actually a flashlight lit cat. Michael and Rachel finally found Sarabi after looking for her since yesterday. We don't know if she was up this telephone pole since yesterday morning or when she ran up, but she didn't come home to eat last night and didn't come in when we had a rain storm, we were afraid she was dead.
Michael followed her meow's that Rachel heard in the back yard to the neighbors fence and couldn't find her until he had a special prayer and looked up. There she was on the cross beam just under the hot wires in between the cable and other wires.
Alex Webster (and Elizabeth) were the heroes. He came with a 24 foot ladder that he leaned against the pole and negotiated his way through cables and wires and pried her off the cross beam. He had to descend holding her out to the side while not running into wires.
The perfect answer to many prayers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Sample from Andrew's letter - (How cats keep warm in Philly)

"My comp is very funny. Its very needful to laugh on the mission, it makes life easier. He is constantly putting out one liners throughout the day about random hilariousness. One time he seriously asked why squirrels were revered more than rats... They are basically the same thing after all, right?
Cats seem to follow us all of the time. I'm not sure why, but many just walk with us from door to door. Its great when they suddenly dart into a random house without them knowing.
hmm what else
the Rodriguez family is as great as ever. We go over every Sunday and Monday night for Family Home Evening and Sunday night dinners. They really load us up with food throughout the week. Sometimes they make excuses to bring over tons of it. One time they said, "ah, there be a storm comming- I be bringing you food." we didn't have to shop that week because they gave us like 6 bags of groceries.
Every time were over there it is so fun. They don't talk- they shout. Everything they do is crazy and way out there. They are always shouting, even when its just a normal conversation. Its so great.

My 10th month mark is on the 21st, and I'll be honest it hasn't gone fast. I have no idea what people are talking about when they say that the mission goes by fast- because it doesn't. Its long, hard work. I think that they say that just to look like they are happy or something. But that's OK, its a duty, and everyone needs this opportunity..."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ok it's an experiment...

I found this little button on the publishing box, so I just had to try it out. (Next will be the video button). So if you click right here you should be able to jump onto another blog I just started. It will be mostly nature pictures around Concord so don't worry about getting on for any news.
It is very fun to try new things and I'll just bet you could send people lots of places with this cute little button! See what I mean?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

God parts the Red Sea... And makes the Dog bring Back the Keys

I know God answers prayers. I've never seen the Red Sea part and walk through on dry ground, my prayers are usually much smaller - except for asking for Andrew's life one cold Utah night.... but that is a totally different story.
So Yesterday I took Sheila with Rachel and Baylee to school and had a nice long walk with Laura Nausin and we decided to go look at dishwashers. So I bring back the dog and go to leave with Laura and I can't find my keys. (This is NOT an unexpected thing as I misplace keys regularly) So after searching and hunting for half an hour I leave for the day with Laura and get back about an hour before the children get back from school.
Now I am an expert at finding things. I know how to lose things and find things. I searched for about an hour and KNEW those keys were not in the house. Having gone over every spec of sideboard, floor, cupboard and drawer that they could possibly be in, I thought back and remembered giving Sheila water when I got home, so I went outside. Ahh if they were out here (which they had to be) she had taken them away in whichever corner, hole, long grass pile, tree, or bush she had randomly dropped them at. The task was daunting so I prayed and finally gave up to walk Rachel back home (since I wasn't going to be driving her). I realized I wasn't going to get the keys unless God told Sheila to bring them back. So I prayed for that and went back outside. After more frustration I came in and cooled down and explained to Rachel why I was upset. She was sitting there and told me it was Friday the 13th. Right. Rachel thought about it for awhile and looked down and said, "I'm going to get those keys, look I found a lucky penny." Picking it up she left for about twenty minutes and walked back inside with those keys! She told me she remembered what her Sunday School teacher had said and prayed and threw Sheila's favorite toy and Sheila ran after it and brought back the keys!
Every time I feel the teethmarks in the slip-on on those keys I think about how powerful the faith of a child is and how grateful I am that God answers all the prayers for the little things.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Opportunity Knocks and Matt walks right in!

On April 28 Matthew will be flying out of Salt Lake City headed for the Jerusalem Center to study for the Spring/Summer session there. This guy will be learning Hebrew and walking in Old Jerusalem and traveling to Mr. Sinai, Jerico, Amman, Mount Nebo, Jordan, and many other places while studying the Old and New Testament and will be back August 13. They have humanitarian Projects, will walk in Galilee study in the City of David and have a Seder meal in June. On the Shabbat (which is on our Saturdays) they will have Contemplative Time and Contemplative writing also Choir along with Church meetings, one with a Triclnium experience. Sorry I have no clue what that is. They will swim in the Dead Sea and will study the Last Week of Jesus' life in the place He was. And this for a kid who will go on a mission the November after he gets back! Jeffrey and I both wonder what it would be like to be in college again.

My first Daughter is Graduating and will Walk in April

There are little snapshots in time which every mother will remember forever of her children. Sometimes I get a good picture and others can see it too. Rebekah and Jennie will walk for graduation from BYU on April 24th and Jeffrey and I will be there. Anyone else who wants to come is certainly invited. The problem is that it's a Friday so school and work will be in session for practically everybody else. I couldn't be prouder of them except maybe when they came home from a mission. Life is good.

We will get together with everybody who comes after they walk and take pictures at the school. The Ellis' will be here from Maryland and hopefully we'll get to meet the rest of Jennie's family!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Asteroid, Comets, and other Things that bump in the Night

"Art thou not he who that dried the sea, the waters of the great deep: that hath made the depths of the sea a way for the ransomed to pass over?" 2Nephi 8:10
I was watching a Learning Channel program while doing dishes and folding clothes and I couldn't help but remember last night reading with Rachel when the question on the program was asked - How will we protect our world from an asteroid? Ah since we can see the potential disaster it's now a problem. What about that which we still can't see? Other disasters that we don't have the telescopes, microscopes, or other technology invented yet?
Maybe the answer could be to get to know the person who suspended us in space with gravity, created day and night, hot and cold - just the perfect distance from the heat source - provided a food supply and obviously been protecting us from asteroid terrors for centuries.
But what about the "calamities" and "scourges" predicted in the last days? We might just need to rely on the person who our ancestors relied on in less technical ages. " Hearken unto me, ye that follow after righteousness. Look unto the rock from whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit from whence ye are digged."
We won't be really sure where the difficulties will come or strike unless we have some kind of insight or previous warning.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hearts and Filling the Soul

New flowers, changing skies, wind, hail, rain and sunshine add green grass and new life.
It is fabulously beautiful here. A different weather for every hour (or 15 minutes).
We've been walking out into rain while the sun is shining.
Closest snowfall in Concord.
Flurries and Showers -sometimes the wind chill makes it go down to at least the low 40's.