Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love Cub Scouts!

I really had fun at the Day Camp this Year!

All the babies are getting married!

When I Moved Into CV 1 Ward....

Shortly after we moved to Concord and attended the CV 1 Ward, I was called to the Primary Presidency with Stephanie Lambertson.  In fact her husband was one of our home teachers who invited us to a ward round-up the first week we moved in.  They had four small children three girls and a baby boy.  Dale died of cancer before his boy even made it to a year and a half.  So as you may have guessed we all have watched this family closely for years.
Christina, Jennifer, David, Stephanie and Sherry
As of last Saturday, Stephanie now has three girls married in 3 years, a new granddaughter and a son on a mission.  (Christina and Stephanie both served missions)
Christina and Daniel married August 20, 2011

Stephanie carries on beautifully every year
I watch in awe the trials and triumphs of this beautiful friend and her tenacity and spirit. She has traveled with infants and small children all over the United States and later travelled to far countries with her children and friends.  She works hard and is very fun to be around.  Can do - is how I think of her.