Sunday, August 30, 2009

The wait.......and then the whoosh!

So two days of fun in the HOT Sun and California Screamin' (which I personally never go on) was ridden at least 6 or more times by our group!

Up and down

Way down!

and around and around

to a photo finish!

I've got a few photos in a Disney Frame to remember the moment of thrills. Too bad I couldn't show everyone California Soarin' my most favorite ride in the park! A pictorial view of California from a glider's perspective - awesome!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Silence is Deafening

Matthew left for BYU, Michael went to walk the dog (ended up at a friend's house)
and Rachel disappeared into her room.

Wasn't I going to be a mom with a household of kids forever?

Those far away Sunday's I just wanted the house to be quiet for a few hours ......

now it's a Monday and I can hear the facet drip and the neighbors gate close.

He had so many amazing facts and photos to show

but he packing another bag....

and turned his papers in....

my house is serene.....

maybe a tad empty.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready for School and a New Year

Rachel and Michael are signed up for school, sorted out classes, bought new clothes, and are looking forward to the breakfasts with the Merrills, Hopkins, and friends next week then Disneyland before they meet up with old and new friends on the 31st.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Matthew got off the plane from hours and hours of flying through, around, and over countries until he got home from Jerusalem. His waking and sleeping impulses are backward but it sure is great to see him!

He traveled through 5 airports with two pieces of luggage, a backpack and a computer case - everything he owned for almost four months. Could I have lived with only the things I could put in 2 suitcases?

Jeff was in Arizona when Matthew arrived, but on Saturday they caught up at the Northgate chapel where Jeff was speaking.

We had an opportunity to hear about and see a few of the adventures and things he brought back. The Hoskings invited the family over for dinner and Matthew talked and showed his photos. We learned some really interesting things and the eternal motif from some Egyptian tombs, as well as some sites the Savior may or may not have actually been.

Now he is getting physicals, dental cleaning, and filling out paperwork to get ready for his mission before he leaves next Monday for a semester at BYU

Life is really sweet.

Monday, August 10, 2009

LA Adams View: Jeffrey Has This wonderful llittle Quirk "Pajaro Dunes!"

Jeffrey Has This wonderful llittle Quirk

Enough is Enough, and then no more talking he just gets the job done. When I was a young mother of two, one evening frugal Jeffrey told me we weren't going to eat off of plastic plates anymore and we went to the store and he bought a set of stoneware with all the trimmings. Every once in awhile he gets into these modes and good things happen.

When Jeffrey has had enough and wants to get away and relax, good things happen.....

Jeffrey calls me from work on Wednesday and tells me he has reservations for Friday at Pajaro Dunes! Which is just the ticket for a summer beach trip for the family.

Michael didn't have a problem with his idea

Nor did Rachel

we just enjoyed a great weekend

While Jeffrey relaxed in the sun.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

The coast is the best!

My good friend Laura took me on a trip to Monterey where her friends have a little cottage they are fixing up which is by the bay there. Actually just a few blocks from the ocean. Her son Dominic with Rachel and I and Laura went to Pacific Grove (a block from Cannery Row and the Aquarium) and enjoyed the ocean very much!

Drinking in the views and restoring the spirit - just the ticket.