Monday, August 13, 2012

Such a lovely Summer!!!

Where did the time Go?

Michael is checking boxes and filling out questionaires to get ready for his mission.  He doesn't turn 19 until January but will be in school for the next semester and so is getting ready now.  How did my baby grow up so fast and decide he is going to college and is ready to leave home so soon?  And where did the summer go?

Let's see, starting off in May Jeffrey and I went with firends to Mexico (first time for me)
Multi-million dollar homes iwth this animal lurking in the rocks - I had no idea crocodiles lived in Mexico!!!

Such a beautiful place
Where I fried and had a terrible heat reaction that lasted 2 weeks after I got home.
In June (before all the swelling went down) Michael recieved his Eagle Scout Award - and only another Eagle Scout mom knows how much work that is....
Last boy in the family.......oh yeah!
Before June is over my two children graduated from their classes
Michael Concord High graduation

Rachel graduates from El Dorado Middle School
Then straight on to a Family Reunion for my side of the family and then a picnic on Jeffrey's side of the family during which I dropped Rachel off for EFY and she stayed in Utah for another week with my brother.
Family Reunion - almost a 100 people in the middle of nowhere by nowhere
On the border of Utah and Idaho

Picnic in Provo
I dropped off  Rachel and hooked up with Laura Nausin and the boys she was taking back to California and I was amazed again how much growing boys can eat!
On the way home we stopped at Laura's friend's home by Truckee and spent a day in luxury up in the mountains - Awesome!
July barely begins and the Adams come to visit and we are off to Pajaro Dunes for another family get-together and somewhere I had a birthday lunch with friends and then I'm madly preparing for Girls Camp, which then slides into August and just as I'm done unpacking and doing mountains of wash it's already the 13th and I'm bringing Rachel to Band Camp at the school and helping Michael pack up.  Good thing I've learned how to enjoy moments as they come along because life sure isn't waiting around to be enjoyed!
Janice Adams came to visit and reacted badly to something in one room of my home and had to go to the ER - welcome to our house!

Had a wonderful time on the cool coast while Concord soaked up the heat.  I love the ocean!
Girls camp is soooo much work - And so worth it!!

Rachel and her friends just after The Hike