Saturday, July 9, 2011

So Many Blessings in One Year!!!

On July 2, we got the news!  Andrew is engaged to Jessica Fisher!  Wow, go on a little vacation and everything happens.  I asked about her and she is petite, burnette, loves to dance, is an opera singer, and plays the piano beautifully.  My heart is really full.
Andrew is way cuter!!!

Jessica Fisher
I found 2 pictures on facebook, but it isn't as nice as the ones of their engagment that her parents took but they are on a protected site and I don't have any downloads.  So this is it for now!
She is from Sandy, Utah and has two sisters and a brother.  Her parents are very accomplished and talented.  Her mom Katherine has homeschooled her children for 13 years!  Katherine was in a triatholon in June.  I hope to meet everyone soon........well after cub day camp, Adams reunion, girls camp, my nephew's wedding....... maybe in August.......