Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surprise Birthday Party Number 71

OK this wasn't the surprise only because it's hard to load pictures correctly - This was mom's birthday breakfast with the girls. Waffles, berries and whipped cream - yummy and a really nice morning.

Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries!!!

Sophia from Texas couldn't get enough of the cold stuff --

Sooooo.... here is the birthday party surprise! I was sitting next to mom and when they started singing she turned around to see who they were singing too and I could see she was genuinely surpirsed - I think because her birthday was the next day, anyway - way to go guys!!

Carrying in the decorated table at the last minute was perfect

I think she enjoyed everything

She loved the presents and the congrates

And knew her family loved her

Some had to help her open her gifts so they could see what was inside!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Some of my favorite pictures

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Hanks

Guess what Krista and Justin received!

This was near the end while they are trying to reconcile names, packages, and cards -

We had a really fun time watching Krista and Justin open their gifts - this one was especially fun!
(Thanks to Shaunna and Zack)

The funniest card they read was:
"Now you won't have anyone asking that question -"When are you getting married?"!!! -turn to the inside page -
So when are you going to have a baby?

Family at the Carnival

Brenda faithfully at her award post all night long

Those balloons came in handy for David and Shany's sword fight!

The real barkers - Brendon (who didn't know his picture was being taken), Auston, and Bron

Diann at the fishpond with Polly's kids - note the great eyes on Noah or Joey

The tickets are being given and taken!

Having family is where it all starts

Anna, DJ, Sharon and Samuel family with a baby and fever but still come through

What would we do without Jim and his computer savvy

Mom, Jackie, her dad and Allen

Cotton Candy and Popcorn!

Isn't it great to have family!!!

Ben ready to go - after driving through snow for hours with his family and then they just got to turn around after the reception and go back.

Taste testers and really nice fun kids!

Stumming the balloon guitars

They really were a hit and everyone wanted Don's creations!

Carnival Barkers

So now everyone is being put to work for a really great time

Candy shop

This is the shot I got all night from Brendon

Claire and Company

Bountiful Temple Steps

This is the family on our side who were there -- good luck seeing yourself (click on the picture for a larger view, scroll around till you find your family members)

Here's a closer shot but children on the edges go missing

And here is a all group view - what a delightful day!

Hello Family!

If you're here, you've accessed this site to view some pictures of Krista and Justin's wedding. I'll just put up a few of the family pictures - if you want to view the friends, Susy has ALL the pictures (just a few thousand or so) ask her. If you click on LA Adams view (the name) it will give you the whole site not just this article and you will see all the new pictures as I put them on. So this link was to get you here and click on the name will let you see it all - Good luck, if you have problems give me a jingle or email! If the pictures are too small just click on them and they will get bigger - scroll around to see details!

Daniel Joseph Tesch - January 23, 2010

What a wonderful young man

It was a delight to enjoy the day with 'Joey'

Watching the video of his short eventful life made me cry - though I'm not sure exactly why. Daniel Joseph Tesch is really a wonderful boy and has so much potential for a great life. Good luck Joey, we all love you!

Joey at his post after the wedding....

Cousins are the best!!

On top of his game and lookin good!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Eames Family Fun

"Hey Linda Ann, they are going to dance get your camera ready". OK I think to myself, there will be the traditional daddy/daughter dance and I want to get in front to get a really good shot of her face and his, maybe a romantic one of the two newlyweds.

But really what was I thinking!!!!? This is the EAMES FAMILY

Tweaking tradition is an art form

I realized I needed a video camera

because they were putting on a SHOW!!!!

Here's most of the rest of the show (sometimes it's hard to know where to put the camera)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Matthew and Milestone

A new milestone in our lives, Matthew gave his missionary speech in church and will leave soon for the MTC or Missionary Training Center and then will go to another in the Dominican Republic - you know the country next to Haiti.
Friends drove from Utah to hear him and then came to dinner so we got to meet and get to know them too.

I couldn't be more proud of my son right now.

Life is really good.