Friday, June 11, 2010

Andrew got a card

Andrew hasn't been home long but is in contact with people in Delaware and other parts of his mission. He got a card yesterday which he shared -
On the inside it said, "Good luck in the real world!"
"Brother Adams, I showed this card to Elder Larsen and Elder Lelham. They thought I was trying to say you are out of prison. NO. You found a "Pioneer" when you knocked on my door and now many of my ancestors will be freed through temple work......."

Andrew told us she had shared a story about her grandmother with he and his companion while they were teaching her. Her grandmother had come to her years ago and told her she was the 'chosen one'. She asked her grandmother what she was chosen for and it was to keep the records for all of her family. Her grandmother wasn't sure why, just that she needed to keep the records.

Many promises given are being fulfilled in these latter-days.