Saturday, October 11, 2008

Campaign Rally for Jeff

Today Jeffrey had a bar-be-que with all those who are supporting him for the school board. It was held in a park that has soccer, swimming and tennis games. Nate called as I was walking over and said it was snowing in Rexburg. I told him it was a windy warm afternoon and the sun was shining. I could hear the wind whistling through his phone.
Several people have asked me why Jeff was running and the simple reason was he was asked to. 21/2 years ago, Bill Leal a member of the school board came over one night and told Jeffrey he thought that Jeff could do a good job and that he should run for the board. Jeffrey thought about it and decided with Bill's help he would go for it. Well Bill died of cancer about 2 months later. It left a vacancy on the board so Jeffrey applied but another man got the job. The same man ran that year and Jeffrey was asked not to run so this guy could get in, so Jeffrey didn't campaign.
He thought about it off and on and watched more what was going on in the schools, and listened to teachers and went to more school functions.
Last July he thought he'd see if the deadline to run was already over and it wasn't so he took the papers home. Not one hour after he left the election office, someone called and asked him not to run because there was someone else they had in mind for the job. So Jeffrey agreed to go to lunch with the person who was running, and talked to some others and felt he could do just as good and in a few instances a little better than the other person running, so he put his hat in the ring and decided to run.
I guess the campaign has run with drama, anxiety, ups and downs of any election process. As this is the first one I've seen behind the scene coverage, it is probably normal. I can't say I recommend it for everyone, but Jeffrey seems to be thriving.

Rachel likes one component of the election process! The lady on the right in red is Barbara Leal without her support, time and effort nothing would have happened. Same with Stephanie Lambertson the lady on the left. The two sign guys are Jim Mattson, and Dave Marquarcson, he has two others whom I don't have their pictures yet and without these six Jeff wouldn't be running.

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Zack & Shaunna said...

Good Luck! WOW, you guys are busy people!