Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lord Please forgive me When I Whine

Today is my birthday that I wasn't too excited about, but my mom called today happy and reminiscing about my birth. I kinda nodded to myself while she was talking but then had an epiphany when I realized that every day I live is a bonus on earth because I wasn't suppose to be here after 3 months. The Lord has allowed and let me live 50 wonderful, healthy years with a really great man and some pretty terrific kids instead of dying of some heart problem in my first year. Thank you so much Lord for my life, my wonderful husband, watching children grow up, having experiences, and the opportunity to go on a mission and live a full wonderful life. Thanks.


Janae and Ken said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so glad your around too and I can call you my friend. Thanks for everything!

Bonnie said...

Hi LA,

I ran into your blog from someone's...I can't remember whose right now! I hope your birthday was great...mine was July 2nd and I wish I was 50! I also hope your foot is doing better. Pain with every step is not fun! Have a great Sabbath!

amyandpaul said...

Hey LA I hope your Birthday was Grand i love you!