Monday, August 10, 2009

Jeffrey Has This wonderful llittle Quirk

Enough is Enough, and then no more talking he just gets the job done. When I was a young mother of two, one evening frugal Jeffrey told me we weren't going to eat off of plastic plates anymore and we went to the store and he bought a set of stoneware with all the trimmings. Every once in awhile he gets into these modes and good things happen.

When Jeffrey has had enough and wants to get away and relax, good things happen.....

Jeffrey calls me from work on Wednesday and tells me he has reservations for Friday at Pajaro Dunes! Which is just the ticket for a summer beach trip for the family.

Michael didn't have a problem with his idea

Nor did Rachel

we just enjoyed a great weekend

While Jeffrey relaxed in the sun.....


Zack & Shaunna said...

Fun,fun,fun! What a great quirk!

Bonnie said...

You guys seem like a beach loving family for sure. Love the picture of Jeff on the beach! I am so glad you got to have this fun time together.