Monday, April 19, 2010

The learning process

Reading the Book of Mormon to Rachel has enhanced my life as I think about the stories and concepts I've been pondering as I read.  As her Young Women's president (Pam Hosking) was meeting with her last night she asked Rachel to read the Book of Mormon on her own when we were finished.  Today Jeffrey and I were talking about the fact that many missionaries don't know how to teach when they first get out to the field and it takes awhile for them to get used to meeting and sharing ideas in an acceptable fashion with others.
 So today as Rachel was finishing the dishes, I read her two chapters in Helaman, I was far away in a Nephite place when I looked up and realized Rachel was in an entirely different place in her mind.  So I'm gaining something from our time together and she is mentally somewhere else. Whatever our children learn is what they experience and learn on their own.  We can provide a circumstance and references but they will gain, reject, experience, and learn what they decide.  So if Rachel is going to learn and grow from the stories, concepts, and principals taught in this wonderful book she'll need to read it herself - or maybe to someone else.


Bonnie said...

Hi Linda Ann! So nice to see you here. I agree with you that they do have to learn it for themselves but I know they do get something out of it even when it doesn't seem that way. I just listened to Elder Bednar's talk from conference and he was saying that even infants gain something spiritual just from the scriptural language.

Rachel is so blessed to have you and Jeff as parents~she'll not escape learning the scriptures, that is for sure.

Hugs to you! B

Shaunna said...

That brought tears to my eyes just reading what you wrote and gave me chills. I love the gospel!