Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When it all comes together - Awesome

Auraley Jessica (AJ) Moore and Michael Adams had a really fun time at the POPs concert at the High School. It has been great as a mom to watch my boys dance with the Moore sisters.

Michael and AJ nailed every lift

They were smooth....

they were in sync.....

they were fun to watch!


Shaunna said...

That looks like so much fun! Your kids are great dancers!

Bonnie said...

Oh,wow, great photos! And cute kids! As I told you I have so many great memories of these kinds of high school events. I loved your post on Virginia and I think I neglected to comment but sometime we should get together and share some fun stories about her and all the kids and Pops Concert at CHS.

If I had known you were going to sing in the conference I would have come along as I do love to sing with her. She got me right after I did that big stake class and I was tired but I did recover before Stake Conference. I should have said YES!

I want to get to know you better and more about your kids one of these days. Lunch sometime?

Oh and it was no problem about sharing where the kids live with you. I just don't put it out on the Internet. But other than that, you know me...my life is an open book to the tune of over 1100 posts.

I would love to hear about the light. Share, OK?

Love, B

LA Adams said...