Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm dead tired, I'm bleary eyed, I'm content......I think

So my goal for the last two summers was to be organized and have my garage cleaned out - find the books that we shoved in there when we did reconstruction on the living room - just plain know what was in there and where it is.
My friends, my boys, my special blessings.  It all came together after getting back from the reunions in Utah and just before school starts on Wednesday.  Laura Nausin got her husband to make shelves (gifted carpenter Dana Nausin), the Jones agreed to let me use a storage unit AND a free moving truck (Justin Jones - such a sweetheart!- drove the truck over to our house, then drove it back to the storage shed - and then a few days later did it all over again!) Nate came unexpectedly home to loan his muscles and strategy to the project and Andrew faithfully hauled everything in and out. They will leave for universities this week and next.  Michael, Rachel and I would have taken much longer as Michael would have been the only muscle in the crew.
Years of stuff.  Do we really want this?  The continual question.  There are still more boxes to be sorted but I have a beautiful laundry shelf, a place for cleaners, vacuum parts and pieces and LOVELY shelves lining one whole side of the garage!
I didn't expect the 100 degree weather today so I'm too tired to feel anything except gratitude. I think the spell check doesn't have any more errors but I may just be seeing double.
Thanks Lord


Bonnie said...

You go, girl! Good job. Don't you just love Justin and Marcy's place? I use to have all my stuff there...I miss them! It is great Dana could make you some shelves to corral the garage stuff. Less is more in the stuff department. I am putting a moratorium on buying new stuff. We have enough!

Shaunna said...

I love, well I love the finished project, of cleaning and de-junking. We had two garage sales a few weeks back got rid of some stuff we were not using and made some extra cash. Such a great combination. Oh and of all the memories I have of your house I don't think I can even recall the garage.