Friday, September 17, 2010

Nothing Like a Road Trip

Road, more road, and more road - about 29 hours of road!

Rebekah and I started out in Texas at Donna and Sophia's home in Dallas.  Had a lovely visit that night and left at 4 something in the morning darkness.
My beautiful sister Donna

Sophie Whitten dramatic and darling

Daring too-

Texas was beautiful especially the sky that day

I think I watched it almost as much as the horizon

Oil wells and fields
New Mexico was filled with color!

Red, blues, greens, yellows, and purples!

We left New Mexico at about 3 something in the morning and arrived in Arizona before dawn.
Arizona through bug filled window pre-dawn

Watched the sun rise over the mountains and valley

I was surprised to be traveling through the mountains

But it flattened out and was almost dead looking In California
Ahh, there is nothing like home and California with it's rolling golden hills is really where it is at!  I knew we were blessed and protected while traveling and just as we got off on Mountain House Road it happened.
A silver SUV decided to jump into our lane just as we were passing him and he ran us off the road between two rod poles into some gravel.  Nice of him to slow down as we decided to drive on and see if we could just go on.  Protected  in a warm embrace is how it felt, prayers answered and revealed.  Life is good.
Golden Hills of home
Leaning telephone poles let us know we were almost there!
Home Sweet Home after a long journey.  Will it feel like that when we die and greet loved ones?
Rebekah and I listened to Harry Potter, music, and talked and talked.  She is wonderful!

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Shaunna said...

What a fun adventure. I am glad that you guys had a safe and wonderful time.