Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Having a full Heart

Rachel came home from school, so excited in anticipation of the Valentines Dance tonight.  We had gone to the store to buy her a red shirt yesterday and got some red fingernail polish.  I don't think she had time to put it on as she had homework and piano to finish.  So as she comes tearing into the house after her piano lesson, Rebekah is on the porch in the sun and finds out Rachel is getting ready to go.  Next thing I know Rebekah is getting all her stuff out to help out.  Now is there anything more apt to warm a mother's heart?
Rebekah helps Rachel curl her hair and put on make-up

Taking out the curlers

Beautiful girl in curls

Ready to go in under an hour

Rachel, Amanda, Alyssa, and Kayla all rode to the dance together


Bonnie said...

Just beautiful, both girls! Rachel is growing up fast! And her hair is beyond gorgeous, as is her smile! And I agree there is nothing that warms a mother's heart like watching her children help and love each other.
I hope she and her friends had a blast at the dance!

Shaunna said...

So beautiful! I can't believe she is already going to dances. That is sweet that Rebekah was able to help Rachel get ready. Oh and Amy and Paul had their baby Tuesday Jasper Paul Jensen 8 lbs 14 oz and super cute. I have not seem him yet but Amy has a picture of him on her facebook page.

LA Adams said...

I'm a great aunt again!! I'll have to run over to her blog and see if she has pictures! Thanks so much for the update.

Rachel came back beaming from the dance, and fortunately some boys from the ward asked her to dance and made her night. I really hate knowing I can't make everything right in her world all the time - someitmes you just have to trust in someone else!