Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thinking about generations....

My future daughter-in-law's mother - what does that make? - out-laws?  Anyway she got me thinking about genealogy in a new light.  Dani Bettridge my in-law in-law sent pictures of her family, her greater family and her husband's family and what do you know there are names that match up with some in my family.  Are we all cousins of some sort?
My genealogy is buried at the moment because I'm changing stuff in the rooms again.  I really need to find a way to be organized and stay organized.  Anyway back to the generations, I now have a suitcase full of stuff - old letters, some pictures, records, newspaper articles - just stuff from my grandmother's life and I'd really like to do a blog or some website to share it with all the cousins.  Judging by the numbers of kids in some of my families there will be thousands of cousins.  I'm curious to know if we touch with some more cousins in this new definition of family.  Are the Bettridges and Adams connected in more than one way?
We may be related in various ways.  Circles within circles.

Nate and Kelsi posted this picture on Facebook so I'm assuming they don't care if it's in a public forum:

Looking at the Memorial Weekend to be married


Bonnie said...

Well when it all settles down, Jim and I are working in the Oakland Regional Family History Center on Temple Hill on Tuesdays, 2:00 to 9:00. So if you want to try to unravel the mysteries, come in sometime. We are not the most knowledgeable but there is always someone there that is.

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LA Adams said...

Thanks Bonnie, I'll be coming!