Friday, June 3, 2011

Belated Thanks

Back around 27 years ago, Jeffrey and I got married and then that night had a delightful reception in a restaurant and reception center in Provo - it no longer exists today.  I worked at the restaurant, learned a whole lot and fell in love with the family who owned it, Helen and Tom Powell.  Their son Chris was a chef and he sure hated it when patrons would send back their steak to be well done - or turned to shoe leather as he put it.  Helen was very patient and helped me in quite a few different ways in dress, manners, confidence, and watching her be a lady while managing business.  When it came time to get married, I naturally wanted to have it there.  When she realized I didn't have any money except what I earned for the wedding, she gave me a reception.  Now that is kindness.  It is only now as I watch the time, effort and money being spent that I realize how generous and kind she really was.  I wonder where she is now.  Tom died and she remarried and moved to St. Louis with her two youngest boys.  I'll always have a place in my heart for her, but wish I'd thanked her more earlier.  I guess it's just one of those 'pass it on' things.

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