Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rear View Mirror

Sometimes you really shouldn't look back.  It is irresistible though.
Rachel and I came out of the shopping center parking lot off of Kirker Pass I noted an oncoming motorcycle headlight in the left as I checked traffic to merge onto the three lane road. Just before twilight that dangerous time of day when it isn't night and it isn't day and the sunset is in your eyes. I eased out after a couple of cars while the motorcycle was still coming, and checked again in the rear view mirror as I didn't want to side swipe him....ok, he was about 5 car lengths back. My foot went on the brake as I watched in horror as he slid on the road like a soccer player going down for a slide tackle...... something bounced and his bike rolled another way. There was an old gold pickup somewhere in the mix turning left.  I realized I was not yet on the road, it was ok to leave Rachel in the car at the end of the merging lane and I raced back almost incoherently talking on the phone to the 911 operator. I hadn't really witnessed what happened, though the motorcyclist did get up and walk to the side of the road. I think I was shaking all the way home.  I still don't know what really happened. Then a few days later I was coming home late at night after a concert show of Rachel's and noticed a little white dog sitting with his legs bent in the oncoming lane....and knew with sickening dread that the car coming from the opposite direction couldn't see it......I noted a car with the interior lights on and doors open in the, no.
Looking in the rear view mirror I watched the dog's body bounce and roll in the taillights. Knowing is not always a good thing.

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