Monday, November 24, 2008

Pavlo's Dog

There is something to be said about our brains that perceive lights, sounds, or smells that can take hold and cause us to act. Being a mom silence can mean terrible things could be happening, while a certain pitch in two children arguing can have us moving just as fast. But the light that makes my adrenaline soar is the 'service engine soon' light on the dashboard. It will send me into a frenzy. My family thinks I'm overreacting. They have never spent 4 hours each way on trips to and from Utah stuck in gas stations in Sparks or Wendover with children in the car waiting for mechanics or tow trucks. They haven't been in the car when it stops on the highway. They haven't pulled into a bank then have the motor die. Of course they didn't grow up with a dad and brothers who could fix anything and didn't mind cars they could coax home - which left the rest of us stranded when we went out. I really think I'm being responsible not to set foot into a vechicle which may or may not get me home again... ok the light went out maybe I'm safe for one more day - and maybe not.

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