Friday, April 3, 2009

Conference and a Menu

It is general conference weekend and we'll be having company for between sessions on Sunday. Both are connected with Nate though he won't be here. Jeanie Barta ( Nathan's friend Seth's mom-and of course my friend) and Faby Lopez who was baptized last week. Janelle has this really great idea (she's obviously thought about it and may even have traditions in place) and reading some of her comments from bloggers made me think maybe I should have a menu. The all important menu decision. So..... I think I'll run to Costco and see what looks like it's tasty and fool-proof. I've been spending time with Laura so you know I'll have a roll recipe to make rolls or Cinnamon rolls. Saturday is running around with the TV on and hopefully we'll catch most of it. Otherwise we tend to listen to the sessions over the next week. I'm one of the older crowd who remembers coming home from school on Friday and mom would be listening to Conference sessions then. I think in Pres. Kimball's day they shut down some of the sessions and meetings in Salt Lake.
I won't ever forget Bruce R. McConkie's bold witness. I won't forget being in the old Tabernacle as a young girl and listening in person either. One of the more memorable Conferences I was in Canada on a mission watching and the camera scanned down the stairstep kids of a family who happened to be my own and I saw my baby sister for the first time. Once I saw Jeffrey in the audience singing a hymn. But mostly the good, warm feelings and the wanting to be a better person is what stays with me the longest. Anybody who feels like dropping off an entree is welcome.

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Zack & Shaunna said...

I can't remember specifics right now but I do know that I loved this conference! I had a hard time hearing it sometimes, I enjoyed being with family a bit much, but I loved it and can't wait to read it and remember what it was that I loved.