Sunday, April 12, 2009

I can't get out of my head the idea that we should be grateful and happy with our body and our life. Easter is a time of reflection and appreciation of what the Savior has done for us. A time to remember. Lanette said we should be grateful to have a wonderful body. She has a friend who would shout hoorays to move her fingers as she has multiple scoliosis and hasn't moved by herself in years.

I am thankful that I can see and walk and smell and taste. I have a wonderful life, a great husband, and beautiful children. To live with good health and in a nice home and I know I owe it to the Lord's guidance and direction in the commandments we have followed. It helps to be lucky and it helps to do what is necessary to have contentment in my life. I'm glad I have the luck of the draw without lots of turmoil in my life and I'm also glad I listened to my parents and teachers and don't have addictions and waited for a good husband. I'm glad I had my children and didn't worry about the worldly cares that change with the fads. I can't say I'm exactly satisfied with my body but I'm sure glad it works well, gets me where I want to go and I'm not addicted to anything - except chocolate. I'm happy to talk with my kids and watch them develop and work through their trials and choices. I am thankful for the Savior and his redeeming love for us. His sacrifice, care, and guidance. I'm glad to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm delighted to have responsibilities and service to render.
I'm indebted to those men who have lived their lives in such a way that I want to follow their leadership. Life is good.

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Zack & Shaunna said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings you are such a good example to me. I love you!