Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Monster Upstairs

Gareth, Greysen, and Christian came with their Dad Gene Layton to stay overnight for a soccer tournament the next day. At breakfast, Gareth - bright, curious, 5 year old - came up to Jeffrey and asked, " Is there a monster upstairs? Your son said there was one up there the last time I came." Jeffrey straight faced walked over to the bottom of the stairs, looked up and said, "Yes, there he is right now." Gareth starts to walk over and Jeffrey said, "Oh he just disappeared". Gareth looks him in the eye and says, "you're just tricking me" and Jeffrey says, "yes I am" and they have a conversation about monsters. Later in the morning Jeffrey is at his computer across the room and Gareth goes to the bottom of the stairs and says, "There's a monster up there!" and when Jeffrey looks up Gareth said, "Oh he just disappeared!".

Jeffrey was laughing about it 4 hours later when I came home.

We can't wait for little ones.


Bonnie said...

Linda Ann...I just love you and Jeffrey...cannot help myself! Cute story and a darling little guy! You will be wonderful grandparents!

Zack & Shaunna said...

So cute, you guys will make great Grandparents!