Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Eames Family Fun

"Hey Linda Ann, they are going to dance get your camera ready". OK I think to myself, there will be the traditional daddy/daughter dance and I want to get in front to get a really good shot of her face and his, maybe a romantic one of the two newlyweds.

But really what was I thinking!!!!? This is the EAMES FAMILY

Tweaking tradition is an art form

I realized I needed a video camera

because they were putting on a SHOW!!!!

Here's most of the rest of the show (sometimes it's hard to know where to put the camera)


Bonnie said...

This is so funny and cute! What a fun family they have!

Zack & Shaunna said...

That was such a fun wedding and an awesome dance. It was so great to see you! Love ya!

ps my verification word to leave my comment is linda funny hun!