Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's the last official day of the Holidays......sigh......

Tomorrow school begins again and a new year is waiting to be planned and new experiences are in store. It is also the coldest part of the year and not too many holidays on the immediate horizon. This latest holiday season was really terrific and having my family twice in 2 months gathered around laughing, playing, and just being has been soul fulfilling. I almost finished all my plans and for family home evening we'll try to get to the neighbors and friends we missed during the last months. Going to my friend Jennifer's wedding yesterday was a delightful finish to the Holiday Season. So back to carpools, early morning lunch and pack-ups, homework review, and schedule reminders. Also a chance to do things better.......ahh we have today.


Zack & Shaunna said...

I am glad that you got your family together twice in two months, and hopefully a call from Elder Adams! Such a fun time in life. Your pictures from your friends wedding were great!

Bonnie said...

Linda Ann, I am so glad you got to have all your family together 2 times. We haven't done that in over 3 years. It is always a special time. I know what you mean about getting back into the routine. A new chance to get things going in a good direction and for wondering what will come of our efforts this year. We are getting ready to come home on Friday. Dreading the flight but will be nice to get things out of the suitcases.

See you soon!

Hugs, B