Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girls Camp!!!!! What a blessing to be included this year!

The girls got to run through two columns of flags waving and received a root-beer float when they got back from their hike.

The hikes were just a long, hard and tough as usual and we had some great cooperation from the Big Sisters and girls.  Some men who had just gone on the scout hike from last week, said the difference between the boys and girls was like night and day. They were awed by the helpfulness and team spirit of the girls.

 All the team working together was the motto in this years' "Amazing Race" and the point was to get your whole team  working together and arriving at the same place.  Either carrying eggs or.....

Swimming the polar bear swim at 6 in the morning and later that afternoon, swimming to the rock (or rowing a canoe if they couldn't swim.

There needs to be just a little anxiety to keep everyone on their toes.  We had a curious black bear wondering around the camp at night.  He took this package off the table but didn't rip it open for some reason

We really had a wonderful amazing year!


Karen Mortensen said...

Glad you had a good time. I admire you for going.

Bonnie said...

Girls' camp is something I have never done because Jim always went in the early years of our girls growing up and now I am too old! (And fat!!) And not very adventuresome. My idea of camping is the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite!

But I have heard many a tale and loved the spirit I have always sensed from what camp brings into a girl's life. There is something about being out in nature with friends, old and new, that makes for a spiritual experience. I love all of you leaders that make it possible for most girls to have unforgettable experiences.

I still remember your post about it from last year with Lanette singing. Awesome!