Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just Two Verses

It's the day after and inevitably I'm getting the question, "How does Jeffrey feel?"  He feels just fine.  He gave it his best shot and now he'll look at something else to volunteer his time for.  The last time he tried this, he didn't really know what should go when or where, this time he had tremendous help from every quarter, he did the right things at the right time and it just didn't work out. We took a gamble and it didn't pay off, no problem, move on.
But when the comment comes, "He'll win next time", my instinctive reaction is, "no, not again".   He actually has replied, "Now isn't the time to make that decision maybe in a little while."  But this half of the equation is saying, Nope, we did our fair share of time, effort, and sacrifice in this quarter and now it's my time.  I'll enjoy the extra time he won't be working for others (until he finds a new project) and  less stress, and the money that won't be going out.  There are many other fields he can shine in and do his duty to country and God.  Meanwhile I'm taking some time - and looking at dishwashers.

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Bonnie said...

This is very well said, Linda Ann. Jeffery is such a wonderful and brilliant guy and he will always be serving someplace. We were talking last night about how he can influence more boys and girls to go on missions than anyone we know. His knowledge and ability to teach the scriptures is better than anyone we know and he has the humility to be a great leader in any arena. So we all know his intentions are honorable and pure and that of a true servant. The Lord knows what is next. In the mean time you enjoy your own time with him and get that new dishwasher!

Love you both~carry on in the work!