Sunday, October 2, 2011

Listening to Conference - at least I'm doing one thing right -

I listened to Elder Bednar yesterday and felt like I was doing at least one thing right - I'm doing something about my genealogy yen. Last Spring I went down to Arizona to visit with my Aunt Mary and help her go through all the stuff left over from Grandmother and Grandfather's belongings.  Aunt Shirley couldn't store the boxes in her garage or attic anymore and Aunt Mary needed to downsize because her son Michael and family was moving into the back apartment.  So we sorted through lots of paper and after I got overwhelmed and couldn't figure out what was valuable and what wasn't I bought the biggest suitcase I could find and stuffed it with anything that might be remotely usable and brought it home.  It did sit for a bit while I decided -procrastinated- about what to do with it all.  Bonnie Mattson keeps writing on her legacy blog, which spurred me to do something.  I love the article "PhD in Genealogy" as I certainly have papers that are piled high and deeper! And you know what?  It's my job to preserve it but someone else's job to use it.  So I have a new blog titled "What's in the Suitcase?" - I pick up a piece of paper then scan it and publish it so my relatives can see, look and maybe use it as needed.  It gave me great joy to listen to the messages in General Conference about the youth doing Genealogy work and I feel if I do my part someone somewhere may benefit later - hopefully.  Speed reading through some of the heart-wrenching stories as I scan, has made me appreciate the good life I have.  I would hate to have these stories forgotten or never heard. There are testimonies that have been given and need to be heard by children today.   Life is sweet.

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Bonnie said...

This is a great idea, Linda Ann! Congrats on getting started. Be forewarned, it is addicting and wonderful work. Makes you feel like you are pursuing a worthy goal and it is basically free and no calories! yay! If I had a housekeeper and a chef on hand it would be great!