Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're going to turn the water off......

So over here at Adams' Central construction (and destruction) are going full force as years of neglect are being ripped away from the old upstairs bathroom.  I'd had it with leaky pipes and crumbling Sheetrock and fortunately Anthony Durst was available to do something about it.

This is what has caused concern every time I go out to wash the clothes.  Something bad is happening in the wall.

Anthony and his good friend (I'm really going to have to find out his name again - he's a great plumber) have stripped out the walls and floors to get to the root of all the problems.
If you notice you can see the water heater down below my bathroom. 

There must be something negative in my psyche that responds to the words, "We're going to turn the water off for a little while."  I say OK and decide to finish up my sewing project - hey no water problems.  Of course I have to go to the bathroom immediately but hey I have one flush.  My project isn't doable yet because I still need the batt for the baby quilt.  Do I get in the car and go to Joann's. No.  I vacuum the floor and spread out the material and fold it up for tonight.  
It will be a hot day starting this afternoon and no one will want to be in the kitchen so grilling the salmon now and using it later will be good.  Of course the salmon slips a little out of the package and I catch hold of it, ease it over the rack and put spices etc. on it.  No water for the hands.  That's OK I use one of my wipes. 
Cleaning up is.......well I have been a cub scout leader for years, I do have a 5 gallon bottle of water........ pouring bottled water (not hot) over the utensils and roasting pan and wire and leaving it for later when the water and water heater are restored.  I need a drink and notice my hands are still fishy. Boiling the potatoes with bottled water is an expensive way to go. But it will beat the heat later. 
This is ridiculous why do I  even start things when I could be doing something that doesn't require water?
Actually that's why I'll be washing off my computer keys later.  I'm just consoling myself that I didn't start dicing the onions......

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