Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"The best room in the house..."

Anthony Durst did an outstandingly wonderful job on our bathroom renovations! We could not be happier and of course everyone wants to use it.

Here is when the bathroom was just about done.  The shower is deeper and and has this great bench and a deep soap dish.  You can't see but the shower actually showers on your head instead of splashing into your face - even Michael over 6 foot is covered.

Comparing this photo when Anthony and his friend were ripping out the walls and floors - you can see the 4 inch wall that covered a vent from the water heater (right hand side at the back), Anthony was able to vent it out the side of the house.  So this freed up space.  The whole bathroom feels much bigger - we can fit two people comfortably in it at the same time. (If we wanted....) That wasn't really possible before. 
You can't see the most important work that was done.  I'd ask Anthony to take care of some problems and he tore out all the walls and floors and addressed the drainage problems and found out about some electrical ones and re-plumbed the pipes and wired the whole thing along with the water heater in the garage and brought it up to code too.   He also moved the toliet over a few inches.  Now everything inside and outside the walls are neat, tidy and functional.

Isn't this lovely?  I love the colors (helps that I picked them out!) and the high lines -- it feels good!
 This feels so good to have such a nice room in our house.

 So now I just need to move into Rachel's room.........and then onto...........the next bedroom.....and you know there are two bathrooms downstairs.........and the kitchen.........

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Shaunna said...

I love it, it's beautiful! The shower head sounds delightful!