Friday, November 4, 2011

The Tale of Two Cats

Going to the vet is
Tuesday was
Just look how calm Sarabi ususally is...too bad she's so canny....
When the cats came in for chow on Monday night, we pretended we didn't know why they were meowing and ignored their requests to go back outside. Hey it was Halloween and who knows what could have happened.  Jeffrey got up early to work on his computer and got to listen to them for a few hours around 3 am.
Odysseus - pretty bold when he knows Sheila is tethered.
 In the morning I picked up Odysseus, covered his eyes and put him in a cardboard carrier quickly shutting it up.  It was an old carrier and had been left out in the garage so it was a little weathered.  Sarabi had been at the front door but peeking around the corner she knew what was up and took off for parts unknown in the back of the house.  I asked Rachel and Michael to help me corner her in whichever room we could find her.  Rachel found her and we all ran into that room and shut the door. Trapping her in a corner I scooped her up and came back into the kitchen to find Odysseus had busted his head through the soft  box, so I pushed his head down back into the box while juggling a scrambling Sarabi.  Quickly hiding her eyes and putting her in the other cardboard box and then  pushing the other cats head down so he wouldn't rip out.  Rachel tryed to put strapping tape over the hole but now he was on a roll and ripped that box up and slipped through another slit he tore in the box to go running back through the house.  Luckily most of the doors were shut.  I picked him up by the scruff and closepinned him in a towel with just his head showing.  Then Michael drove to school and when he got out, I slipped over to the drivers seat and set Odysseus on the seat.  Of course he slipped out of the towel and explored the car.  He was calm when he could see where we were going.    In fact both cats were well behaved and nothing untoward happened at the vet's office.  Still....
I like to have .... fun only once a year.

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