Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Sister Missionaries

The Sisters came over to show us how cook fish.
A few weeks ago when the sisters arrived on a night I found myself short of time, I'd ask them as they walked in the door who knew how to cook fish.  (The frozen package indicated you could cook it up in minutes).   It was great!  Those three sisters had the fish on the table in minutes and it tasted great!  So this night I asked them to come back when I could watch what they were doing.  Only two of them showed up because the other sister got transfered to the Concord First Ward.  Luckily for me the fish cooking sister is still in our ward!  The meal was great and the fish was cooked two ways.

Sister Brati and Sister B  marinating fish and cooking broccoli alfredo

I love Sister B's smile and her willingness to work hard.  She is from Denmark and really knows how to b e a good missionary.  She gives us challenges and encouragemnet every time we see her. 

To have wonderful fish, you really need someone who has spent a life cooking and eating it.

Sister Brati comes from south of Fiji and knows her stuff.  She an whip up fish in minutes that tastes sooo good!

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