Friday, October 14, 2016

MTC Spirit

There is nothing like sitting on the auditorium floor singing songs about our Redeemer with the voices of hundreds and hundreds of missionaries voices coming from the surrounding risers!

Sunset in Concord, CA a week before we left
Actually it is very hard to join in singing with tears running down.

I met one of those missionaries in the book store when she introduced herself as Sister Jensen and said she we looked familiar from the Stake. Do you remember the Jensens from our ward? I'm pretty sure her name is Anna and I know she attended Girls Camp with us. She is going to Oregon in a Spanish Speaking capacity. I keep looking for others from our Stake, it's pretty hard with about 2000 missionaries here.

The spirit of the Lord is almost palpable while walking down the sidewalks and classrooms of this MTC campus.

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