Monday, October 31, 2016

Sister Stewart

I’m not sure why I felt before I left on this mission that I would be given busy work jobs because Jeffrey had a meaningful one; getting the email from Sister Stewart (the dentist’s wife) certainly eased that thought.

The first time I saw Sister Stewart she was speaking in Sacrament meeting. Keep in mind that I am a visual learner. She got up and showed us the sign for thought, heart and Spirit. She talked about the Spirit that puts things into our mind (thoughts) and if we put them into our heart and perform, we will have an increase of the Spirit’s direction. This is the cliff notes version of a ½ hour talk so I’m mashing up her eloquence. She is gesturing with her hands, has a hilarious sense of humor and told us a few examples of how she didn’t follow her promptings with the consequence.  Then, she told of how she was knocked on the head again and ended up with a very great outcome – all practically speaking sign language. This is my kind of communication.

I sat there in the chapel and thought that this is going to be a great mission.  I get to work with a visual, fun, energetic person.

After singing a hymn, Elder Stewart got up and delivered a talk in a calm, gentle and yet firm way that I have come to know is characteristic of him. He explained how they had been called to a signing ward that would only require a little time on Sunday. He paused for a moment to let us know the punch line was coming and explained how is really wasn’t that simple. His smile is contagious and the Stewarts work very well as a team.

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