Sunday, January 22, 2017

Be Our Guest...

I just had my first dinner guests – well our first guests ever in our apartment. Jimmy Albos and his family came over for lunch right after church. We had Skype on so they could say hello to Janice Adams (my sister-in-law) who served in the same mission as Jimmy – he was her zone leader.
Altos Family talking to Janice Adams

Being just a tad nervous to cook for a Filipino family I prayed for help that I could put something on the table that they would like to eat. I picked Taco salad, as that is an easy lunch with a make-your-own element to it. I also cooked up rice (just in case) and had fruit, nuts and chocolate chip cookies on the table. Cooking ingredients are in the metric system so trying to figure out how much butter is 200 g takes Google and a dose of approximating.
Janice and Jimmy's family

When they walked in Jimmy and his son went over to the couch and sat down to talk with Janice on the computer and his daughter gave me a box and his wife said they had a gift for me. When I opened it up my heart stopped. I was overwhelmed because they gave me a pearl necklace and bracelet. I have always wanted a pearl necklace but knew it wasn’t in the cards. My mind said you can’t accept something so valuable and at the same time I wasn’t going to reject a gift given. I stood there a few seconds then cried a little. I hope I said thank-you. (Note: write thank-you card)

So we talked with Janice for a bit and then sat down to lunch. Prayers answered they loved Taco salad and said it was a favorite. Good thing I didn’t know she was a caterer until after the meal was mostly over.
 Jeffrey and I discovered the oldest daughter had been the first Filipino missionary to serve in Northern Italy and is now in university. Their second daughter is serving in Salt Lake City right now and their son is in High School. He is planning on going on a mission in a couple of years. They were so fun, warm and nice to be around! Sister Albos is the primary president of 2 years and would love to have me help in the Primary. Yeah! I’ve been looking for an opportunity to love some kids. She told me about a roadshow the Primary put on last year where the children learned songs, dances and entertained their families. Wow, I’ve only seen young men and women do that. She also shared an experience in the temple and I feel privileged to be associated with them. While we were chatting her son polished off the rest of the meat, chips and salad. We talked about growing boys and I know the minute he gets home he will get an “after church” snack.

Thanks Janice for sharing your friends with us. This has been a wonderful experience.

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