Sunday, January 22, 2017


The Monday after intake is always a little chaotic for us paper pushers because we don’t have the day before to set up charts and input information. On Friday (when the missionaries arrive at the MTC) we are helping with the screening, directing to x-rays and showing the missionaries where to go. No one comes in on Saturday or Sunday – then bam! There comes Monday morning. I try to get here a little early (ideally 5:30 am) so that I can set up the first few charts and then get a handle on the rest while the Dentists are taking care of their patients.
Patient Charts

Today I knew would be interesting because I also schedule the field missionaries and Manila and Quezon City wanted to come at the same time and then a couple were added at the last minute.  We try to get companionships to come together so time and effort won’t be wasted on their part, but getting two missionaries who need to see the dentist who are far apart and then get them to the dentist together can be a logistical nightmare for the Mission president’s wife or mission nurse who takes care of scheduling that. Then throw in the fact I don’t have a phone or texting abilities so I have to wait until they can email me back. 
Busy, busy morning while we smile and greet missionaries and hurry to get the work all caught up, I took just a moment to realize that there was an overall order to the morning. I wish I had some spiritual eyes to see who is orchestrating events and missionaries so they are all seen in an orderly manner.
Elder S from Manila didn’t come in at 9 am so we put his chart to the side in case he came later. Two Elders from Quezon City came an hour early so we put them both in with the two doctors. Two more Elders from Manila came in for their appointment one was Elder S, and then two more Manila Elders came in shortly thereafter. We just filled up the chairs as the dentists got done. I looked down and said, “It sure is a shame that Elder N didn’t show up,” and an Elder waiting said, “I am Elder N.” We slipped him right in as soon as a chair was empty.  Everyone was seen and the wait time has been minimal, I have the charts ready to go for tomorrow and all the charts got done for today. Now I just have to record all the procedures done today, email the field missionary president wife and nurses about their missionaries. Life is good.
I just want to give my witness that I know we have help we cannot see, as this morning should have been complete chaos.

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