Monday, January 23, 2017

Mom's birthday today

Mom always with a baby
Mom has been gone for 3 years and a day. In my mind I remember the good times and the great love she had for babies, deer (nature), and family. Her family definition was much broader than the typical Americans and we found we had many extra 'siblings' and 'cousins' wherever she happen to live.
I'm glad she and dad are together again.
One of the legacies she left besides the love of babies and children, is the love between a husband and wife. I see it in the lives of my siblings and myself. Thanks mom and dad

Love is good

starting out a good life

Always having a good day
Good Times (always)

Passing the good times on

Sharing good
Really good day

Good Thoughts (what a cute boy!)

Good life

Let the good times roll

Life is good!


Ludlows said...

Loving your spouse and putting them first is the greatest lesson I learned from grandma.

LA Adams said...

And you and Zach have love to give and share! I love watching you with him and your darling boy. Life is so good.

Don Lore said...

Wonderful photos! As always, you capture the essence. Love you!