Saturday, March 14, 2009

God parts the Red Sea... And makes the Dog bring Back the Keys

I know God answers prayers. I've never seen the Red Sea part and walk through on dry ground, my prayers are usually much smaller - except for asking for Andrew's life one cold Utah night.... but that is a totally different story.
So Yesterday I took Sheila with Rachel and Baylee to school and had a nice long walk with Laura Nausin and we decided to go look at dishwashers. So I bring back the dog and go to leave with Laura and I can't find my keys. (This is NOT an unexpected thing as I misplace keys regularly) So after searching and hunting for half an hour I leave for the day with Laura and get back about an hour before the children get back from school.
Now I am an expert at finding things. I know how to lose things and find things. I searched for about an hour and KNEW those keys were not in the house. Having gone over every spec of sideboard, floor, cupboard and drawer that they could possibly be in, I thought back and remembered giving Sheila water when I got home, so I went outside. Ahh if they were out here (which they had to be) she had taken them away in whichever corner, hole, long grass pile, tree, or bush she had randomly dropped them at. The task was daunting so I prayed and finally gave up to walk Rachel back home (since I wasn't going to be driving her). I realized I wasn't going to get the keys unless God told Sheila to bring them back. So I prayed for that and went back outside. After more frustration I came in and cooled down and explained to Rachel why I was upset. She was sitting there and told me it was Friday the 13th. Right. Rachel thought about it for awhile and looked down and said, "I'm going to get those keys, look I found a lucky penny." Picking it up she left for about twenty minutes and walked back inside with those keys! She told me she remembered what her Sunday School teacher had said and prayed and threw Sheila's favorite toy and Sheila ran after it and brought back the keys!
Every time I feel the teethmarks in the slip-on on those keys I think about how powerful the faith of a child is and how grateful I am that God answers all the prayers for the little things.

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Zack & Shaunna said...

I love reading your posts they are always so uplifting and remind me how much the Lord is in our lives!