Friday, March 27, 2009

Stop and Remember Where They Are

As a young mother I realized quickly that being a mom doesn't come automatically. First off I had to remember I had a baby and where that baby was. I don't remember seriously leaving Rebekah anywhere but I did have nightmares about it. I believe the only one I left was Rachel sleeping in her bed when I went on errands and to the post office one time.
I developed a system of counting up the kids and picturing them where they were or were suppose to be about every hour or hour and a half so I wouldn't forget to pick them up, or leave them at a party, or bring them where they were suppose to go. I had to resort to calendars and stickys in the car because I couldn't keep it all in my head. Sometimes I still jerk awake wondering if I'm suppose to be somewhere with someone.

Rachel is the first priority now because she's the youngest. I can picture her easily at school (they are learning about the digestive system moving on to the circulatory system) and I see her everyday when I supervise the playground.

Michael gets thought about in the mornings but usually has long days and calls if his plans change. He is learning much about volleyball and doing well in life and school.

I stop and think what the older kids are doing at least once a day though I don't fret and even image where they are or what they are doing. Way too scary.

Rebekah and Jennie are getting ready to walk in graduation next month. Rebekah has a job. She sounds happy and looking forward to life. She's usually not on my worry radar, just someone to talk and share with.
Andrew is in the mission field. His letters are funny, misspelled, and insightful. Totally leave that one up to the Lord.
Nate is in Arizona having adventures and heartbreak, setting goals and dreams. I think about him frequently.
And Matthew - What is Matthew doing? I know he is in Provo getting ready for finals in April but I really have no idea where he is and what he may be up to. It's anybody's guess. I leave it up to his Guardian Angel and smile when things go well.

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