Saturday, March 21, 2009

It is 10:30 at Night

The light at the top is actually a flashlight lit cat. Michael and Rachel finally found Sarabi after looking for her since yesterday. We don't know if she was up this telephone pole since yesterday morning or when she ran up, but she didn't come home to eat last night and didn't come in when we had a rain storm, we were afraid she was dead.
Michael followed her meow's that Rachel heard in the back yard to the neighbors fence and couldn't find her until he had a special prayer and looked up. There she was on the cross beam just under the hot wires in between the cable and other wires.
Alex Webster (and Elizabeth) were the heroes. He came with a 24 foot ladder that he leaned against the pole and negotiated his way through cables and wires and pried her off the cross beam. He had to descend holding her out to the side while not running into wires.
The perfect answer to many prayers.

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